Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Write kind of Friends

Okay that's massively cheesy. But in last weeks New Yorker magazine one of the men that stood in mine and husbands wedding was published! Eric Weinstein has been one of Chris' best friends from Duke, they met and of course immediately hated each other. That festered into a deep deep love because they are so awesome. Weinstein, as we affectionately call him, graduated early from Duke with a bachelors in poetry. He has published a book of poems, Vivisection, of which we have two copies and currently works at Random House. I have so many memories with Weinstein, I'm so glad the nights I can't remember at Duke always involved him and many shenanigans! I'm slightly embarrassed to write this knowing that he might read it. Someone that actually knows how to construct a piece of work that someone besides their family would actually want to read!? With no pictures!? Pish posh! Either way I feel like a proud mama! Hope you're having a great week!



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