Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let it Snow{board}

Last weekend husband and I went on the annual Dental weekend of debauchery and snow play at Wisp Resort. It was perfection. We drove up there with our friend Steve listening to tapes of Boyz II Men, Ace of Base, and several other wonderful 90's mixed tapes. As well as reminiscing over Cd's that reminded us of Freshman year! {Jack's Mannequin, Panic! at the Disco} and Junior year! {Cartel, Mika} and several others that got us lost in Pennsylvania. When we finally made it, most of our other party was arriving as well and the drinking commenced! We had around 20 people in the house and had a blast, playing games, {regular and drinking}, talking, hot tubbing, making bonfires, and staying up wayyyy too late.

Post Cranium Win!

The next day most of us who planned on partaking in actual snow events got up and headed toward the slopes! Chris has been wanting to teach me to snowboard for a while, and I tried once in high school and was terrible and spent most of the time on my butt. Usually, it's harder to learn something once you get older so I was fully prepared to fail and exchange for skis. But luckily husband is an excellent teacher and I was able to spend most of the time boarding down the mountain, rather than scooting on my bum! As we made it down for lunch it started to snow! Real Snow! We were all pretty thrilled. But it quickly turned very white and very slushy so we went went back early.SNOW!

For the rest of the trip we mostly relaxed and I think the dentists rested their brains from studying. All in all it was a great trip and I'm so glad I got to learn how to snowboard. We are going again in a few weeks and I will definitely be getting a snowboard! :)

How were your weekends? What do you want to learn? It's never too late!



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