Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Hi friends sorry for lack of posting, but life has gotten a little crazy! Speaking of crazy can you believe this day only comes around every FOUR years!? I kind of can't believe there aren't more fun traditions related to Leap Day besides that it is acceptable for a woman to propose to a man on that day. {weird} BUT as I am a fan of 30 Rock and was told to watch last weeks episode since I missed it they {SPOILER!} made up Leap Day William and that everyone should wear blue and yellow and it's a day where things you do don't count since it only comes around every four years. With hilarious results! :) Well so far I've seen about 10 people wearing blue and yellow, by accident or not it made me smile and I hope everyone has a fantastic Leap Day! Live it up it only comes around every four years!

And just because I am slightly ridiculous, here is my ensemble for the day...

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