Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last Nights Game

Fans are so annoying. Big fans of anything or anyone. Super. Annoying. But it is so much fun when Duke plays Carolina! {trash talk aside} Mister spent his undergrad years at Duke University so I like to say I went there I didn't go there. Because I was only there for the fun things! ;) K-Ville is so much fun when everyone waits in tent lines to get tickets to Duke/Carolina games. It's freezing but you're having so much fun playing games, drinking, ordering food and just general merriment. And these kids know how to prepare for a month out in the cold. Occupy had nothing on K-Ville. But last night we enjoyed the game in the comfort of our home screaming with delight over Zeller tipping in those two points for us. And then that buzzer beater from Rivers was just magical! So today in celebration I had to wear the blue tights!

I can't wait for the madness to continue! Who will you be rooting for? Have an excellent Thursday!

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