Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Over the Holiday Season I attended plenty of soirees, but the one that took the cake was definitely this Mad Men Party. I know, you're probably wondering ummm aren't we way past this? But I'm getting to that! So it starts with one of the worst mornings ever. I'll spare the details but it ends with me literally holding back tears from pain, embarrassment and exhaustion. It all got better by the end of the day. This party was insane. Seriously, I can’t believe it even happened. There were roughly 1,200 people at the Carnegie Institute in DC.
the very beginning
It was amazing, people were super decked out, they had a photo booth AND a photo shoot set up where they styled you and did your hair and had props. They also had people shining shoes and handing out cigars. The food was so good, they had these mini Sheppard’s pies that were to die for. They even had a shuttle to take everyone back to Baltimore! I'm leaving out huge parts of the night but that is the gist. It was amazing. Since then, I have actually watched Mad Men and I have a love/hate relationship with it. But I love the character Salvatore Romano. Mostly because he kind of reminds me of several people I work with. But yesterday there was a wine reception along with the American Crafts Council Show (starts today!) hosted by Bryan Batt!
I wish I could have gone! I probably would have, had I heard of of it before yesterday! How poorly advertised was this? For someone who lives right by the Convention Center I never know what is coming! I heard it was poorly attended as well. I really wish I could have gone, or gone to one of the parties yesterday for Mardi Gras! And had a little King Cake but a girls got to stick to her resolutions! I hope you had a fab Mardi Gras!

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