Thursday, February 2, 2012

DeBois Textiles

After my terrible lunch I decided to finally go to DeBois Textiles. I had heard about this place in a few media outlets and google searches for vintage clothes and fabric stores. I had passed it quite a bit so when I realized what it was I knew I had to go in. This place made my day!! Seriously, it is chock full of great finds! I love vintage shopping because there is a ton more size variation. Sometimes I wear a size 14, which makes me want to know what the smaller sizes looked like. By today's standards I wear a US size 2 or 0. I'm sure my mom was one of those teeny tiny sizes, I'm pretty sure up until recently she was under 100 pounds and is several inches taller than me. Back to the shopping! They were trying to get rid of their cool weather clothes so just about everything was 50% off. I tried on a few pieces including a sweet little leather jacket ($15!) and a couple blouses ($3!) I ended up only getting a little silk scarf. But I couldn't resist trying on the many many pairs of Ferragamo shoes and picking through their vintage designer duds. I found Valentino dresses, 2 Dior suits, Prada, Chanel and a couple other notable designers. It was so much fun! The ladies who worked there were so sweet and so hilarious! I wish I could have spent much more time there! I highly recommend heading there if you're ever in the area. I actually went to look at their fabrics and I found a few I really liked but none that went with the looks I'm going for. I'll definitely be back though! Do you have any favorite vintage or resale stores? What do you look for when you go to stores like that? Have you ever been to DeBois before? Enjoy your vintage!



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