Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update

This was a quiet weekend. Husband and I laid low on Friday eating snacks of olives, cheese and crackers paired with wine (so grown up!) and watched Tangled (uh not so much). It was so cute and way better than The Tale of Despereaux. I'm not much of a Disney fan but sometimes they just strike my fancy. It was so nice to be together and relax and we really enjoyed our bottle of Ravenswood merlot!
We also had our first snow! It was so exciting to see our street get covered in white. Something about the snow is just magical! It was only a little snow, not enough to warrent buying a sled or all the milk, bread and all the tp you can find. However we did need to make a Costco run regardless. That place was bumpin! I stepped into Ulta first to pick up some of my essentials and favorite things: Cover Girl NatureLuxe lip glosses in Peony and Anenome, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, and blush in Medium Coral, L'oreal foundation, and BANGS!

No I didn't chop it, not yet anyway, I bought some Hairdo bang clip ins! So fun to try out, and I freaked husband out a little, especially when I took it out. It was fun to experiment with but I know my hair will react a little differently than the clip in. I spent the rest of the weekend working out, cleaning up my office and {sigh} taking down the Christmas decorations.

Our little house looks so sad now, I'll just have to find/make some fun Valentine's decorations! :) Any suggestions? I was thinking of making a heart garland, or something else I can put in our fireplace. I'll let you know if I come up with anything! Also, we had to watch the sad demise of our Ravens, it was a valient effort but a couple fumbles and one daring leap the Patriots had us beat! Oh well, there is always next year! I hope you all had lovely weekends as well!

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