Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolutions continued...

Goodbye January

Ah! We're already one month into the year! I'm pretty excited for Valentine's decorations. I'm not into Valentine's Day mostly because I think husband should do those things for me on the reg! But I still love the hearts and pinks and red and sparkles and all things lovely and girly! :) Back to the resolutions! Here is what I hope to complete by years end if you missed it...tiny goals!

1.} Yes! I've been going once {even twice!} a week

2.} Emailing is happening! I will make outside friends here!

3.} I've been writing more letters and mailing more packages to friends! I {and I hope they!} love it!4.} House projects are finishing! Starting and finishing! And abandoning...

5.} I think January has been very productive and I've been a lot more involved in bigger projects. Which at least make me feel like a better employee!

6.} Blogs have been written!

7.} Donation bins are being filled!

8.} Okay so I kind of copped out on the bangs, but I still need a new hair cut, any suggestions for good salons in Bmore?

9.} Church will be happening, unfortunately for the past few Sunday's we've been alternately engaged. Which, now that I write it sounds kind of dirty.

10.} YAY! more than half of these are being accomplished!

How are your resolutions panning out!?



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