Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poe Toaster is Nevermore

Most people outside of Baltimore have never heard of this person, unless they are huge Edgar Allan Poe fans. Today marks EAP's 203rd birthday! The Poe Toaster is a mysterious figure who pays tribute to the late poet every year on his birthday by leaving a half bottle of cognac and three roses on his grave. Some years there have even been poems. This is the third year without a Poe Toaster which leads people to believe the tradition ended on the bicentennial of Poe's birthday.

I had actually heard of this person before I moved to Baltimore because I am a pretty big fan of Poe. He lived a very sad and tragic life. (Consumption comes up a lot!) I highly recommend reading up on his history. His stories are definitely reflections of his life and struggle as a poet and writer. I've been to the Poe Museum in Richmond and it was so cool to see his possesions and writings, but I'm also a person that likes to walk through historic houses. {voyeur!} I want to go to the Poe House soon since they are considering closing it if it can not become self sustaining by June I believe. (I think the Ravens should intervene and donate to the struggling historical structure. After all, they are named after one of his most famous works!) With or without the real one I will toast Mr. Poe tonight, happy birthday sir!



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