Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've got obsessions...

I just realized how completely obsessed I am with Kate Spade, or at least how integrated she is in my current Apple lifetime. On Christmas my mom gave me a Kate Spade iPad case, sans iPad. I was shocked, mostly because my mom is super tech savvy and would never buy me or Noelle something that didn't go with the technology we already have. I checked the tag a couple times before I said thank you because I didn't have an iPad and I didn't want to thank her for a present that was actually for someone else! Then I gave in and asked if I was getting some other huge present. I knew I wasn't, because Chris was my big present giver. She said no, she just thought it as cute and I could put and actual writing pad in there with some pens or pencils! Lolz! Honestly I was like what the heck mom!? I guess I could return it and get something I could actually use. Imagine seeing someone with an iPad case and seeing them pull out an actual pad of paper! Well, you know the rest, they surprised both me and Noelle with our extremely, insanely, generous gifts. I still can't believe they did this for us! ANYWAY! Back to Ms. Spade. I'm keeping my case, well, because I love it.
When I found out I was getting an iPhone I knew which case I wanted because I had planned on buying myself an iPhone and wanted the perfect case. A Kate Spade case. And I love it! It just occurred to me since I've been pulling these things in and out of my purse that I may have a problem with Ms. Spade. An obsession, some might say. So far it's been a healthy relationship but I may need to watch myself before I go wild! Here are some more recent obsessions as of late, enjoy! :)


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