Friday, January 13, 2012

DC Restaurant Week

I go down to DC a least 2 times a week for work and sometimes if I have to stay for several days I like to stay with my friend Heather. She recently moved into an adorable english basement on Capitol Hill and I had yet to see it. Since it is restaurant week she insisted that I stay with her and we go out on the town! I think most, if not all bigger cities have their own version of restaurant week in which you pay a certain {usually discounted} amount for a full course meal. I’m not usually a multi course kind of girl but when the quantity goes down and the quality is up one just can’t resist! :) So Heather made us reservations at Jaleo! I was so excited because I had been there before and loved it. I think it was the first place I had ever had tapas. Heather had been there much more recently than I had and gave me a few suggestions. It was lovely chatting and people watching over little plates of deliciousness and the wonderful effervescent taste of Cava, in the house white sangria. {Highly recommend} We shared fresh cut bread with tomato spread and a slice of fresh manchego cheese and olive oil with garlic and rosemary. The olive oil was so fresh, it was much better than Heather or I expected, it just had to be noted! We had fried dates wrapped in bacon, potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli{drool}, red peppers stuffed with goat cheese, it was so smooth and creamy, and it was like it melted in your mouth! Followed up by shrimp with olive oil and garlic, and pork loin with onions and cabrales sauce, which was so wonderful I wish I had ordered it as well! Instead, I had salmon over veggies, which was okay but I would have preferred the loin. I only ordered it because the waitress said it was only on the menu for restaurant week. We ended our tapas extravaganza with dual chocolate mousse with a hazelnut ice cream topper, a perfect way to end a wonderful meal. Thankfully we had to walk it off a bit to get to the metro and back to Heather’s place but we were still stuffed to the tipping point! To all those in DC this week, happy restaurant week! Did anyone else out there participate in RW? Where did you go? What do you recommend? If you don’t have a RW where do you recommend going in your town?

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