Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Last week was Baltimore's restaurant week and I tried to take advantage a bit! My coworkers and I went to The Capital Grill for lunch on Friday and it was just lovely. I decided to keep it a little lite since I wouldn't have the luxury of being able to take a nap afterwards. I got the caesar salad and the crab and lobster sandwich. Ugh! Soo good! I'm not a huge lobster fan, I just don't get the hype I guess. But this sandwich was so tasty and fresh, not dowsed in sauce like many lower quality crab cake sandwiches are. Our service was only barely lacking due to the crowd, we waited a while for our second course but it was a relief considering the sizes of our salads and soups! If the second course came right after the first, my tummy would have burst and I really would have needed that nap! Even though the Cap Grill is a chain restaurant I would probably still go back for a nice dinner with husband after a long week. Two thumbs up!
My second experience was not nearly as lovely. I usually subscribe to the notion "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". With that said, I also don't talk a lot if that tells you anything. ;) But I also don't think people should waste their time or money if they don't need to. On Saturday it was so nice out that Chris and I decided to get out and walk around and do lunch for RW. We found Supano's on the list, it was within walking distance and the menu looked pretty good. {However, there wasn't steak on their menu and it's a steakhouse!} So we reserved a spot and headed toward town. We got there a couple minutes before our reservation and weren't seated until 15 minutes after our reservation. Now this is where you ask, "Well, was it packed?" My answer dear reader is: they were around half capacity. And it was well after high traffic times. After we were seated another 15 minutes went by and we were asked our order. I got my minestrone and husband got his caesar salad. Both were quite small, his salad was nothing compared to what I received at Capital Grill. But they were fine but nothing to call home about. Then, I kid you not, an hour later we got our second course. We could tell the couple next to us was having serious issues with the timeliness of their food. I think at this point their card reader had stopped working. There was a table of girlfriends near us that were enjoying their misery together, waiting so long for their food and then when they did, one plate was sent back and it didn't come back for around 20 minutes! So she watched her friends enjoy their meals while starving I'm sure! We finally got our lasagna and chicken parmesan. Both were enjoyed purely because we were so hungry! They were bland and not very warm. We were served a small portion of tiramisu but that hardly made up for the poor service. They didn't apologize for their poor service, our waiter did give us a card for a free bottle of wine with our next dinner but they were pre made cards so it wasn't like a special apology. And we didn't order any alcohol with our meal so who's to say we even drink!? I was pretty upset about the experience, it was like two and a half hours for lunch! I can safely say we will never go back. To be fair, I think they we severely understaffed but as a person who has worked in food service and hospitality they handled themselves very poorly. In all it was a pretty terrible and hilarious experience, at least husband and I had A LOT of time to enjoy each others company. If you've read this far, congratulations! Did you participate in RW? How was your experience? Do you think it's up to the customer to complain or the employees to apologize? Also, sorry there are no pictures, no one wants to see the miserable faces we were making!

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