Monday, January 2, 2012

Another year...

Whew! What a year it has been! I got married and moved to Baltimore got a job and made a ton of friends. I still don't know where I want to take this blog but wherever I go it will go with me, hopefully with more fulfilling details than past posts. I'm not much of a resolutions girl but I do want to write more here but only things that either mean a lot or inspire me in some way. I hope I can give out some inspiration to my three {whoo!} readers.

I think I will be more available to write since I received a few very generous Christmas gifts. Chris was the person who had me for our families big present and he gave me a brand spankin new iPhone4! :) AND my insanely crazy and generous parents gave me an iPad2!!!! I'm mostly excited so I can facetime with my family and dog. Silly I know, but I'm so close to my family and I miss them so much now that I live here. More importantly, I'll be able to keep up here.

If you are ever looking for anything inspiring please follow my pinterest. {obsession} I hope you had a great New Years and I look forward to reporting back more often! :) In the mean time here one of a few things that have been knocking around the old noggin'. Enjoy!


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