Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolutions continued...

Goodbye January

Ah! We're already one month into the year! I'm pretty excited for Valentine's decorations. I'm not into Valentine's Day mostly because I think husband should do those things for me on the reg! But I still love the hearts and pinks and red and sparkles and all things lovely and girly! :) Back to the resolutions! Here is what I hope to complete by years end if you missed it...tiny goals!

1.} Yes! I've been going once {even twice!} a week

2.} Emailing is happening! I will make outside friends here!

3.} I've been writing more letters and mailing more packages to friends! I {and I hope they!} love it!4.} House projects are finishing! Starting and finishing! And abandoning...

5.} I think January has been very productive and I've been a lot more involved in bigger projects. Which at least make me feel like a better employee!

6.} Blogs have been written!

7.} Donation bins are being filled!

8.} Okay so I kind of copped out on the bangs, but I still need a new hair cut, any suggestions for good salons in Bmore?

9.} Church will be happening, unfortunately for the past few Sunday's we've been alternately engaged. Which, now that I write it sounds kind of dirty.

10.} YAY! more than half of these are being accomplished!

How are your resolutions panning out!?



Baltimore Restaurant Week

Last week was Baltimore's restaurant week and I tried to take advantage a bit! My coworkers and I went to The Capital Grill for lunch on Friday and it was just lovely. I decided to keep it a little lite since I wouldn't have the luxury of being able to take a nap afterwards. I got the caesar salad and the crab and lobster sandwich. Ugh! Soo good! I'm not a huge lobster fan, I just don't get the hype I guess. But this sandwich was so tasty and fresh, not dowsed in sauce like many lower quality crab cake sandwiches are. Our service was only barely lacking due to the crowd, we waited a while for our second course but it was a relief considering the sizes of our salads and soups! If the second course came right after the first, my tummy would have burst and I really would have needed that nap! Even though the Cap Grill is a chain restaurant I would probably still go back for a nice dinner with husband after a long week. Two thumbs up!
My second experience was not nearly as lovely. I usually subscribe to the notion "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". With that said, I also don't talk a lot if that tells you anything. ;) But I also don't think people should waste their time or money if they don't need to. On Saturday it was so nice out that Chris and I decided to get out and walk around and do lunch for RW. We found Supano's on the list, it was within walking distance and the menu looked pretty good. {However, there wasn't steak on their menu and it's a steakhouse!} So we reserved a spot and headed toward town. We got there a couple minutes before our reservation and weren't seated until 15 minutes after our reservation. Now this is where you ask, "Well, was it packed?" My answer dear reader is: they were around half capacity. And it was well after high traffic times. After we were seated another 15 minutes went by and we were asked our order. I got my minestrone and husband got his caesar salad. Both were quite small, his salad was nothing compared to what I received at Capital Grill. But they were fine but nothing to call home about. Then, I kid you not, an hour later we got our second course. We could tell the couple next to us was having serious issues with the timeliness of their food. I think at this point their card reader had stopped working. There was a table of girlfriends near us that were enjoying their misery together, waiting so long for their food and then when they did, one plate was sent back and it didn't come back for around 20 minutes! So she watched her friends enjoy their meals while starving I'm sure! We finally got our lasagna and chicken parmesan. Both were enjoyed purely because we were so hungry! They were bland and not very warm. We were served a small portion of tiramisu but that hardly made up for the poor service. They didn't apologize for their poor service, our waiter did give us a card for a free bottle of wine with our next dinner but they were pre made cards so it wasn't like a special apology. And we didn't order any alcohol with our meal so who's to say we even drink!? I was pretty upset about the experience, it was like two and a half hours for lunch! I can safely say we will never go back. To be fair, I think they we severely understaffed but as a person who has worked in food service and hospitality they handled themselves very poorly. In all it was a pretty terrible and hilarious experience, at least husband and I had A LOT of time to enjoy each others company. If you've read this far, congratulations! Did you participate in RW? How was your experience? Do you think it's up to the customer to complain or the employees to apologize? Also, sorry there are no pictures, no one wants to see the miserable faces we were making!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Devil is in the Details

Lately I've been trying to put more color into my wardrobe. I've always loved bright colors but not so much on my body. I'm very picky. I think that comes from the fact that I love to wear lots of neutrals with fun details rather than punch it up with a splash of color. I think the perfect combination would be a mixture of the two worlds of color and detail. Fit, color, texture, shine, and pattern; gotta get them in there somehow! Anywho here is how I've been breaking away from my routine: {several different outfits!}
What are your style dilemmas? I went shopping this weekend and steered away from blacks and whites and wound up only buying what I actually went for. {what a shame?} Even with a HUGE sale at Neimans and Saks! I didn't even find sunnies! But I still plan on trying to look at the bright side of the road! :)

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Connection

Lately I’ve been really missing my family. I know I saw them a month ago but when you’re used to seeing someone everyday and then you only see them every {other} month it’s a pretty big blow. When I first moved here I was really sad for at least a month, literally not a day went by that I didn’t cry, and barely ate. {Could I keep that appetite!?} I think it all turned around when I planned a trip to see them. I had something to look forward to and I knew when I would see them next. I’ve been planning a trip to Charlotte for Presidents day weekend since husband doesn’t have that day off. But my parents decided to intervene and come up here instead! Noelle and Jeremy have both been up here before so it will be exciting to have my parents here. Now I just need to figure out places to take them! Any suggestions? Food? Entertainment? I feel like I should know this stuff by now! I’ll still miss Noelle and Jeremy but I know at least Noelle will come up here one weekend or sometime for a few days! Okay enough mushy stuff! Until tomorrow!



Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update

This was a quiet weekend. Husband and I laid low on Friday eating snacks of olives, cheese and crackers paired with wine (so grown up!) and watched Tangled (uh not so much). It was so cute and way better than The Tale of Despereaux. I'm not much of a Disney fan but sometimes they just strike my fancy. It was so nice to be together and relax and we really enjoyed our bottle of Ravenswood merlot!
We also had our first snow! It was so exciting to see our street get covered in white. Something about the snow is just magical! It was only a little snow, not enough to warrent buying a sled or all the milk, bread and all the tp you can find. However we did need to make a Costco run regardless. That place was bumpin! I stepped into Ulta first to pick up some of my essentials and favorite things: Cover Girl NatureLuxe lip glosses in Peony and Anenome, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, and blush in Medium Coral, L'oreal foundation, and BANGS!

No I didn't chop it, not yet anyway, I bought some Hairdo bang clip ins! So fun to try out, and I freaked husband out a little, especially when I took it out. It was fun to experiment with but I know my hair will react a little differently than the clip in. I spent the rest of the weekend working out, cleaning up my office and {sigh} taking down the Christmas decorations.

Our little house looks so sad now, I'll just have to find/make some fun Valentine's decorations! :) Any suggestions? I was thinking of making a heart garland, or something else I can put in our fireplace. I'll let you know if I come up with anything! Also, we had to watch the sad demise of our Ravens, it was a valient effort but a couple fumbles and one daring leap the Patriots had us beat! Oh well, there is always next year! I hope you all had lovely weekends as well!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Purple Friday!

Well it's come down to this! The Ravens play the Patriots on Sunday so today is the day we in Baltimore celebrate PURPLE FRIDAY! I love it, mostly because I love purple. They literally paint to town purple, signs, lights, graffiti, it really is Ravenstown! So exciting! At our office we are going to celebrate with some good ole Bawlmer grub! Utz crab chips, crab dip, Berger cookies, Natty Boh, Raven beer and to go with the theme Purple Haze and Ravenswood wine. I love cheesy things like this. It makes everything more fun! Happy Friday Friends! Go Ravens! :)



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poe Toaster is Nevermore

Most people outside of Baltimore have never heard of this person, unless they are huge Edgar Allan Poe fans. Today marks EAP's 203rd birthday! The Poe Toaster is a mysterious figure who pays tribute to the late poet every year on his birthday by leaving a half bottle of cognac and three roses on his grave. Some years there have even been poems. This is the third year without a Poe Toaster which leads people to believe the tradition ended on the bicentennial of Poe's birthday.

I had actually heard of this person before I moved to Baltimore because I am a pretty big fan of Poe. He lived a very sad and tragic life. (Consumption comes up a lot!) I highly recommend reading up on his history. His stories are definitely reflections of his life and struggle as a poet and writer. I've been to the Poe Museum in Richmond and it was so cool to see his possesions and writings, but I'm also a person that likes to walk through historic houses. {voyeur!} I want to go to the Poe House soon since they are considering closing it if it can not become self sustaining by June I believe. (I think the Ravens should intervene and donate to the struggling historical structure. After all, they are named after one of his most famous works!) With or without the real one I will toast Mr. Poe tonight, happy birthday sir!



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a square...

I mean triangle. I've been thinking in triangles a lot lately, I think it might have something to do with my new love of this youtuber. She is awesome! I wish I could talk that fast! Also, I pass by this everyday so I gues that gets the juices flowing! I used to be obsessed with symmetry, everything had to be even. Now I have an appreciation for asymmetry but it took some time! I also used to really love math, did you know once upon a time I dreamt of being a high school math teacher? True story. I thought I didn't like high schoolers that much so instead I volunteered all my free time with high schoolers, whatever. {miss those kids!} Back to the point. haha get it? triangles. I guess working with architects you tend to see lots of perfect shapes, and then notice them in your daily life. Speaking of, I think I'm in this weird mood because I finally finished a big project today at work. yay! Lots of stress was happening. Now that it's over I think husband and I should celebrate!
Last night I modified this recipe and it was awesome! I was going to pin it but it couldn't find any images! Which is weird because I'm pretty sure I found this on pinterest...but now I'm glad I didn't because is it Disney family.com? That's embarrassing. Here is what I did:
{1} Made a half box of spaghetti
{2} Sprinkled some oil on a pan to cook the chicken
{3} While that happened I made the sauce: 1/2 bar (4 oz) of low fat cream cheese, 1/2 cup lite Italian dressing, 1/2 cup skim milk I added maybe 1/2 cup of white wine, and maybe a handful of fresh parm "whisk until smooth"
{4} After your chicken is cooked add the sauce and veggies (I used fresh broccoli)
{5} Stir until the veggies look done, at this point I added a pinch of flour to thicken the sauce
{6} Strain your noodle of choice and serve the chicken on top!
It was super easy and husband and I really liked it. I had my doubts but it was really good!
Okay this was a weird entry {sorry} but that's just how I'm feeling right about now...
aaaand my pictures aren't working either! ah!

Friday, January 13, 2012

DC Restaurant Week

I go down to DC a least 2 times a week for work and sometimes if I have to stay for several days I like to stay with my friend Heather. She recently moved into an adorable english basement on Capitol Hill and I had yet to see it. Since it is restaurant week she insisted that I stay with her and we go out on the town! I think most, if not all bigger cities have their own version of restaurant week in which you pay a certain {usually discounted} amount for a full course meal. I’m not usually a multi course kind of girl but when the quantity goes down and the quality is up one just can’t resist! :) So Heather made us reservations at Jaleo! I was so excited because I had been there before and loved it. I think it was the first place I had ever had tapas. Heather had been there much more recently than I had and gave me a few suggestions. It was lovely chatting and people watching over little plates of deliciousness and the wonderful effervescent taste of Cava, in the house white sangria. {Highly recommend} We shared fresh cut bread with tomato spread and a slice of fresh manchego cheese and olive oil with garlic and rosemary. The olive oil was so fresh, it was much better than Heather or I expected, it just had to be noted! We had fried dates wrapped in bacon, potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli{drool}, red peppers stuffed with goat cheese, it was so smooth and creamy, and it was like it melted in your mouth! Followed up by shrimp with olive oil and garlic, and pork loin with onions and cabrales sauce, which was so wonderful I wish I had ordered it as well! Instead, I had salmon over veggies, which was okay but I would have preferred the loin. I only ordered it because the waitress said it was only on the menu for restaurant week. We ended our tapas extravaganza with dual chocolate mousse with a hazelnut ice cream topper, a perfect way to end a wonderful meal. Thankfully we had to walk it off a bit to get to the metro and back to Heather’s place but we were still stuffed to the tipping point! To all those in DC this week, happy restaurant week! Did anyone else out there participate in RW? Where did you go? What do you recommend? If you don’t have a RW where do you recommend going in your town?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Minute Nutella Mug Cake! :)

Okay friends here is something that I have been obsessed with for the past few weeks! I've made it for myself, me and Chris and all our friends for New Years! I found it on PinterestHere is the recipe to this amazing super easy and fast dessert!

4 Tablespoons of self-rising flour {3/4 cup all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt}
4 Tablespoons of sugar
3 Tablespoons cocoa powder
1 egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons vegetable oil
3 Tablespoons Nutella

Combine all ingredients in a bowl or a very large mug. I mix it in a bowl and split between 2 regular sized mugs. Then pop in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Sometimes I go the extra mile and make whipped cream (heavy whipping cream and mix in confectioners sugar) and then I share one of the 2 mugs with Husband. You can make it all in one very large mug and put in the microwave for up to 3 minutes. Mine was pretty gooey and dense when we did it the first time. But still delish! :) enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

I love the beginning/end of the year. Mostly because every news outlet creates lists of the top anything from that year. I found a list of the top 15 most stylish music videos of the year on fashionista.com. Which I love because it combines three of my favorite things, music, fashion styling, and lists. I have to say I completely agree with some of their choices but some I either can't get through the music or I don't think they are stylish at all.
On my favorites list are Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' music and style. I love her voice and those lips! Priscilla Presley anyone? Who doesn't love music videos that look like home videos? Oh Land, 'White Nights' music! Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, old and new and man can that girl dance! White Nights really shows her off, I love her other videos too.
I disagree with Rihanna's 'S&M', I'm more of an 'Only Girl (In The World)' girl. Beyonce's 'Run the World'stylish yes, I may have chosen 'Countdown' over it only because it's classic styling.
Nicki Minaj, 'Super Bass', agree because I just love her, a lot of that has to be because of these girls!
Adele's 'Someone Like You'. Paris, Moschino. Need I say more? A little boring but beautiful nonetheless.
Best Coast, 'Our Deal' is so cool! It was directed by Drew Barrymore, and it features some of hot young Hollywood's new starlets. One problem? The full video is like 10 minutes long!
Florence and the Machine, 'Shake It Out' homegirl is pretty much kickass. Also is she ten feet tall or what? That's it.
They round out the list with Duran Duran's 'Girl Panic', like ten beautiful classic bombshell super models, where is there to go wrong? It's awesome and a total throw back I love it.
They have two Lady Gaga songs on the list and I don't know if I would peg her as stylish but I love her music, I'm starting to be over it. There are only so many antics one can stand before it all just starts to get old.
Kanye West, who I really can't stand. I don't think he is creative or inventive with his songs. Oh also he is super arrogant and an ass hat. That too. But I do have to say, dude's got some man style.
Kreayshawn, 'Gucci Gucci' which I think is hilarious, I love the video and her personal style is just too much for words, a bit of an Amy Winehouse knockoff though. But I think she knows a little something about knockoffs based on her songs ;)
Washed Out, 'Eyes be Closed'? Really? This is barely a music video. Skip.
Rye Rye, 'New Thing' catchy tune, but I've never liked resort wear.
Check out this site, it has great articles and welds a ton of fashion inspiration if your are looking to do a little overhaul. Love it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've got obsessions...

I just realized how completely obsessed I am with Kate Spade, or at least how integrated she is in my current Apple lifetime. On Christmas my mom gave me a Kate Spade iPad case, sans iPad. I was shocked, mostly because my mom is super tech savvy and would never buy me or Noelle something that didn't go with the technology we already have. I checked the tag a couple times before I said thank you because I didn't have an iPad and I didn't want to thank her for a present that was actually for someone else! Then I gave in and asked if I was getting some other huge present. I knew I wasn't, because Chris was my big present giver. She said no, she just thought it as cute and I could put and actual writing pad in there with some pens or pencils! Lolz! Honestly I was like what the heck mom!? I guess I could return it and get something I could actually use. Imagine seeing someone with an iPad case and seeing them pull out an actual pad of paper! Well, you know the rest, they surprised both me and Noelle with our extremely, insanely, generous gifts. I still can't believe they did this for us! ANYWAY! Back to Ms. Spade. I'm keeping my case, well, because I love it.
When I found out I was getting an iPhone I knew which case I wanted because I had planned on buying myself an iPhone and wanted the perfect case. A Kate Spade case. And I love it! It just occurred to me since I've been pulling these things in and out of my purse that I may have a problem with Ms. Spade. An obsession, some might say. So far it's been a healthy relationship but I may need to watch myself before I go wild! Here are some more recent obsessions as of late, enjoy! :)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals, baby steps

Okay I know I said I'm not much of a resolutions girl but I am an avid {obsessive} list maker. So here are my goals for the year listed out for the world to see and hopefully so out there that I am able to keep them...
1.} Go to the gym at least once a week...not because I want to lose weight but because I already paid for it and I would like to get at least a little of what I already paid for! :)
2.} Join a club/volunteer more...I really want to make more friends that are not related to dental school or work, not there are anything wrong with those friends, I just want to diversify my portfolio ;)
3.} Write more letters...really! I love writing, I just need more practice and I love stationary. Also, who doesn't love getting a handwritten letter!?
4.} Finish house projects from 2011! I abandoned the toilet paper roll project because it didn't turn out as nice as I thought, I'm still working on the fabric chandelier! ah!
5.} Be a better employee...not because I was bad in 2011 but I want to enhance my experience and become an asset to the firm.
6.} Write in the blog at least 2 times a week! Train/iPad opportunities!
7.} Donate the things we don't need, want or use anymore. Because clutter is my enemy.
8.} Stop being so scared. Of dumb things! It makes me crazy when people say oh I could never do that, I'm too scared. Of what!? To paint your room a fun color? To cut your hair? To read an intense book? So bangs here I come! :)
9.} Find a church. I miss my old church in Charlotte so much and that would be another opportunity to make friends.
10.} Finally to keep at least half of these goals and work on them each month.

Whew! That's pretty loaded! Wish me luck! What are your goals for 2012?



Monday, January 2, 2012

Another year...

Whew! What a year it has been! I got married and moved to Baltimore got a job and made a ton of friends. I still don't know where I want to take this blog but wherever I go it will go with me, hopefully with more fulfilling details than past posts. I'm not much of a resolutions girl but I do want to write more here but only things that either mean a lot or inspire me in some way. I hope I can give out some inspiration to my three {whoo!} readers.

I think I will be more available to write since I received a few very generous Christmas gifts. Chris was the person who had me for our families big present and he gave me a brand spankin new iPhone4! :) AND my insanely crazy and generous parents gave me an iPad2!!!! I'm mostly excited so I can facetime with my family and dog. Silly I know, but I'm so close to my family and I miss them so much now that I live here. More importantly, I'll be able to keep up here.

If you are ever looking for anything inspiring please follow my pinterest. {obsession} I hope you had a great New Years and I look forward to reporting back more often! :) In the mean time here one of a few things that have been knocking around the old noggin'. Enjoy!

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