Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NMJ Trunk Show!

So after all that everything ended up being okay. {read: it was awesome, I just still hadn't come down from my stress from before} It was a little slow at first, thankfully we didn't have anyone show up until 6:30 and then people started pouring in! I didn't know my little house could hold that many people! If we were to do it again we could probably jam 5 more people in and if were warm probably 20 more with the backyard and the rooftop deck. {ramble much about nothing!?} Noelle was so great, she had her stuff pretty much all set up when I got home. She brought some trays and bowls to display her jewels in. And some black sand which really made the silver really pop and sparkle. She also brought some of her turquoise covered books which I think make her look so legit...

Altogether it was a huge success! Everyone loved her jewelry and her, of course. I was so happy that everyone had fun and liked everything {food included!}. It was so nice, Noelle just socialized and people asked her questions about her jewelry, about her, and how she makes it. Many of the ladies knew exactly what they wanted already and seemed pretty giddy to see it all in person and snatch it up! It was all very relaxed, we didn't have people sit down and force them to buy or even look at her stuff, it was more of a cocktail party with jewelry there for your perusal. We didn't want it to be a Tupperware-like party where you feel like you have to leave with something in your hands. I hate those parties where the endorser says if you buy this much whatever they're selling your hostess will get an expensive whatever they are shilling out. I'm like why should I buy something so this person gets something? So it was awesome and I would do it again because it was fun, and relaxed and lovely to spend time with friends from all aspects of my life and meet some new people too!

We still have girls asking for stuff for Holiday presents and (still!) gushing over Noelle's hair. It was so nice to spend that time with my sister, I'm so proud of all her work! I pretty much am always wearing at least 2 or 3 of her pieces on any given day. And I hope you will check out her site and if you see something you love then you should definitely put it on your holiday list! I hope you like her stuff as much as I do!



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