Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodberry Kitchen

Last Tuesday Chris and I went out to eat thanks to one of Chris' good friends from Duke, who gave us a generous gift to Woodberry Kitchen. We decided to go last minute and of course I forgot to bring a camera so we'll have to rely on the words. It was a balmy night out and luckily they were still serving outside because even on a Tuesday night it was packed to the brim! There were no places to dine even at the bar so we ate in peace outside. We started with drinks I had a Whiskey Smash and husband had a Kentucky Lemonade. We should have switched because mine nearly had me on the floor! But that didn't stop me from enjoying the freshly made breads and our soft-shell crab sandwich. Everything at WK is locally grown, organic, and sustainable. Our 'suppers' were the pastrami flat bread {mine} and Chicken and Biscuits {Mister}. His was to DIE for! So delicious! There is nothing like a locally grown organically fed chicken, it was juicy, savory, undeniably glorious. I would love to go back but our bill + tip was more than $100. If we ever decided to go back we would probably get one of their 'snacks' and a coffee or cocoa. And I would go back because our server was so sweet and helpful and the atmosphere was something I wish I could bottle. Please let me know if you ever go there and what you think!

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