Sunday, October 2, 2011


I keep forgetting to give an update on the house! Well we didn't have our first house guest like we thought. {LAME!} I would put up pictures of our guest room but it remains unfinished. :( Plus there is currently a queen sized mattress and box spring residing in there. OH wait drama ensues...When we moved in husband and I struggled to get our old queen and box spring up our very narrow {>2ft} staircase. After succeeding in this goal husband chooses to tell me our landlord said it was impossible to get a queen up the stairs! 1. I'm all like WTF?! 2. I'm like hells yeah! 3. lists. Well we got a new mattress from Charlotte. {Yes we hauled a queen bed from the Queen City so we didn't have to spend upwards of $1,000} Mister wanted to haul that baby up to the third floor from the outside and take it down to the second floor. That sounded like a terrible idea. TERRIBLE. 1. I was afraid someone would come flying off the roof. 2. It was raining. 3. This sounds like a stupid idea. 4. I know you're an engineer but you're dumb. 5. I'm right. Well he trumped me by not flying off the roof and got it up with a little help from a friend aka: anyone stronger than me. And now it remains in the guest room instead of underneath me night after night. Why you may ask? MARISA TELL US WHY! Oh because they don't fit DOWN the stairs either! Now I am subjected to sleeping in what is basically a fabric soup bowl. Despite this entire blog entry I really don't care, I can sleep on anything but I'm so ready to get that bed out of the guest room and into mine! Hopefully I'll remember to give updates as they come!


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