Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet me at the Mint

Over my weekend in Charlotte Noelle and I decided we should go ahead and check out the Chanel exhibit at the Mint Museum on Randolph Road. I had seen advertisements for it and gotten the weekly emails. We both really wanted to see it because I love fashion and fashion history and thought it would be so cool to see those pieces in real life. We went, we paid, we were sorely disappointed! Boo! There were only around 15 pieces in the exhibit and they were so plain Jane! Not the Coco I was expecting. I had expected the classics, and what she stood for: the petite shape, the menswear style, jersey dresses, quilted bags, and a chain lined jacket. I got very little or none of that! They had accessories from only a couple years ago in a case. You could see a better exhibit at Nieman Marcus. The descriptions were off as well. Chanel's system of naming items is very specific. Down to the month and year it was created and they had everything "circa 2005-2007". I guess I was expecting more pizazz for such a well known designer. More Lagerfeld and more history in the descriptions. I got more info from the kids book in the store than from the exhibit. {which was actually pretty inappropriate}
While the Chanel exhibit was a downer the Fashionable Silhouettes exhibit was more up my alley. They had two rooms filled with clothes through the ages. They had better descriptions but they were still lacking in history. Like Noelle said, once you've perused through every Smithsonian, MOMA, The Met, and the Uffizi your expectations are pretty high. It was worth it to see the other exhibits I would recommend checking out the Mint Museum in both the Randolph location and the new Uptown location. And if you buy admission {$10} to one museum you get re-admission to that museum and the other mint museum for the next two days for FREE! As well as Tuesday after 5 p.m. Just don't get your hopes up for Chanel ;).
p.s. and bring an umbrella...

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