Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last weekend update!

Not this past one, the one before that...shew I'm behind! It was a couple of my girlfriends birthdays so we all went out to Mex at Power Plant Live! We took the boys along and I have to say I was sorely disappointed by the excitement level of my birthday gals! So I knew it was my job to amp up the fun! I started with their {many, many} drinks then got the dance party started...after all what girl doesn't like to boogie?! Well the boys weren't having it. But after a bit of convincing we got everyone out there!Whew! I eventually got those girls to get a little cray cray! Are you the party starter or the party pooper? I always want to be the starter! I may not always be able to stay up late but I never want to be the pooper! The second pic is not a picture of anyone we know FYI...
On Sunday we went to Fell's Point Fun Festival with some of our friends. It was nice but since the weather wasn't great we didn't want to walk around as much as we would have if it had been nice outside! We did walk all around but didn't really slow down to check everything out since it was cold and misty. We went to Riptide by the Bay to grab some drinks and oysters. Then skittered home on the Circulator.

I have to say never driving is pretty nice sometimes, I haven't driven since we moved! Mister drives me everywhere. I liked my time on the Circulator, it's free, it's emission free and comes around on the reg. Highly recommend for getting around the city!


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