Thursday, October 13, 2011


Bra Blog

Bra Blog by marisa1114 featuring underwire bras
I have a problem. Ladies of Baltimore! Where are your bras?! I swear I have seen so many women walking around unsupported. Not cute! Bra shopping is actually one of my favorite things, it doesn't even have to be for myself. If you need a bra I am your gal. In Charlotte my favorite place to go was Dillards at South Park. I loved it because they had great, very helpful staff and wonderful selection and the dressing room! I loved their dressing rooms! Very roomy, a seat to either put your purse or your shopping companion on and hooks for what you want to buy, maybe's, and no's. {ANYWAYS} I think you feel better about yourself if you wear good, supportive, and pretty undergarments. I took my sister get a better bra after we were shopping and I noticed that her clothes weren't fitting as they should and took her by the hand to Dillards. She said she felt and looked so much better after finding a bra that fit nicely. I think women should start at a nice department store to be fitted and find some bras they like and buy one or two there and then if you're on a budget {like moi} go elsewhere to find others you like. Please ladies of Baltimore, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, do yourselves a favor and give your ladies a treat! If you're an online shopper I really like to go here, here and here. My favs are Chantelle, Calvin Klein, Natori, and Hanky Panky. Good luck ladies!

{Update I found this most interesting please check it out!}

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