Friday, October 21, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over...

Kate Spade

Kate Spade by marisa1114 featuring kate spade handbags
I thought I had already done one of these on Kate Spade! Mostly because I'm completely obsessed! I love her new line, everything is sweet, fun, and whimsical. I love everything! And it looks like I also have an obsession with mixing red and pink and teal. Sorry for the lack of postings, work has been pretty insane lately and next week I'll be commuting to 3 different states! Gah! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's been a busy week in DC, with the billing period coming to an end and the RED party last night...this is what most of our office looks like. For your fix on my weekend make your way over to Heathers blog...IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over...

My trip to Kentucky! I'm soooo excited to go back to Kentucky to see one of my best friends and bridesmaids Hannah! This time I'm not the only one going - Heather is flying down with me and Shemeh is coming from Charleston! Unfortunately none of the Charlotte girls, Noelle or Camille could make it this trip! :(

This is just an idea of what I am wearing this weekend, obviously I do not have the funds to support this wardrobe! {One can dream!}

I LOVE Kentucky! What girl doesn't love bourbon and horses!? We have an awesome weekend planned with bourbon tours, Keeneland, and even a horse tour! I do hope we make it to eat delicous doughnuts across the street from the Jif and Smuckers factories and the we might make it to 3rd Street Stuff. I'm so excited I'm ready to plan another trip back! I hope you have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm this excited...

To got to KY!!!


Bra Blog

Bra Blog by marisa1114 featuring underwire bras
I have a problem. Ladies of Baltimore! Where are your bras?! I swear I have seen so many women walking around unsupported. Not cute! Bra shopping is actually one of my favorite things, it doesn't even have to be for myself. If you need a bra I am your gal. In Charlotte my favorite place to go was Dillards at South Park. I loved it because they had great, very helpful staff and wonderful selection and the dressing room! I loved their dressing rooms! Very roomy, a seat to either put your purse or your shopping companion on and hooks for what you want to buy, maybe's, and no's. {ANYWAYS} I think you feel better about yourself if you wear good, supportive, and pretty undergarments. I took my sister get a better bra after we were shopping and I noticed that her clothes weren't fitting as they should and took her by the hand to Dillards. She said she felt and looked so much better after finding a bra that fit nicely. I think women should start at a nice department store to be fitted and find some bras they like and buy one or two there and then if you're on a budget {like moi} go elsewhere to find others you like. Please ladies of Baltimore, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, do yourselves a favor and give your ladies a treat! If you're an online shopper I really like to go here, here and here. My favs are Chantelle, Calvin Klein, Natori, and Hanky Panky. Good luck ladies!

{Update I found this most interesting please check it out!}

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Fall Baltimore

I forgot to mention at the beginning of the month the many free things going on in Baltimore this month! There is a website dedicated to all things free this month here. Baltimore Beer week is still going on check out events here. I plan on doing some of these things while I'm here but I'm spending a lot of time in DC this month, hence the lack of posts! :( I hope you take advantage of these free fun events around our fair town, even if I can't!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last weekend update!

Not this past one, the one before that...shew I'm behind! It was a couple of my girlfriends birthdays so we all went out to Mex at Power Plant Live! We took the boys along and I have to say I was sorely disappointed by the excitement level of my birthday gals! So I knew it was my job to amp up the fun! I started with their {many, many} drinks then got the dance party started...after all what girl doesn't like to boogie?! Well the boys weren't having it. But after a bit of convincing we got everyone out there!Whew! I eventually got those girls to get a little cray cray! Are you the party starter or the party pooper? I always want to be the starter! I may not always be able to stay up late but I never want to be the pooper! The second pic is not a picture of anyone we know FYI...
On Sunday we went to Fell's Point Fun Festival with some of our friends. It was nice but since the weather wasn't great we didn't want to walk around as much as we would have if it had been nice outside! We did walk all around but didn't really slow down to check everything out since it was cold and misty. We went to Riptide by the Bay to grab some drinks and oysters. Then skittered home on the Circulator.

I have to say never driving is pretty nice sometimes, I haven't driven since we moved! Mister drives me everywhere. I liked my time on the Circulator, it's free, it's emission free and comes around on the reg. Highly recommend for getting around the city!


Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm resting...

I hope you are having a fab Monday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

French Connection

French Connection

I love French Connection. The love affair started with a plain cowl neck sweater from my lover Marshalls in Cotswold. It expanded when I decided to brave the giant Belk at South Park mall and found the girly and funky silhouettes and luxurious fabrics that makes French Connection. I had never really liked French Connection before because I always saw the not so nice girls at school wear their FCUK shirts. Which screams something that I don't want people to hear from me. BUT FC is great for petites because {shocker} they have European cut clothes. I love their sweet little details that range from fun prints to detailing on the arms or down the body. Makes me want to go shopping! Happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodberry Kitchen

Last Tuesday Chris and I went out to eat thanks to one of Chris' good friends from Duke, who gave us a generous gift to Woodberry Kitchen. We decided to go last minute and of course I forgot to bring a camera so we'll have to rely on the words. It was a balmy night out and luckily they were still serving outside because even on a Tuesday night it was packed to the brim! There were no places to dine even at the bar so we ate in peace outside. We started with drinks I had a Whiskey Smash and husband had a Kentucky Lemonade. We should have switched because mine nearly had me on the floor! But that didn't stop me from enjoying the freshly made breads and our soft-shell crab sandwich. Everything at WK is locally grown, organic, and sustainable. Our 'suppers' were the pastrami flat bread {mine} and Chicken and Biscuits {Mister}. His was to DIE for! So delicious! There is nothing like a locally grown organically fed chicken, it was juicy, savory, undeniably glorious. I would love to go back but our bill + tip was more than $100. If we ever decided to go back we would probably get one of their 'snacks' and a coffee or cocoa. And I would go back because our server was so sweet and helpful and the atmosphere was something I wish I could bottle. Please let me know if you ever go there and what you think!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So I got married almost 3 months ago and I finally have my pictures! You can read the details of my wedding day here. But here are some extra pics for your enjoyment!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pigtown Festival

I totally forgot to post about Pigtown Festival! Maybe because it was a huge let down! :( It looked like it would be huge but really it was quite small and very cold that day. There weren't very many vendors, and the quality wasn't great either. It probably would have been more fun if there were more people, vendors and better weather! It seemed to be pretty unorganized this year, there was very little advertising for it. I only knew about it because it was in the paper and I happend to see a single sign for it on my walk home. The best part was seeing the little pigs and weiner dogs race! And taking these pictures...

We went to Fells Point Festival this weekend, more on that later...


Sunday, October 2, 2011


I keep forgetting to give an update on the house! Well we didn't have our first house guest like we thought. {LAME!} I would put up pictures of our guest room but it remains unfinished. :( Plus there is currently a queen sized mattress and box spring residing in there. OH wait drama ensues...When we moved in husband and I struggled to get our old queen and box spring up our very narrow {>2ft} staircase. After succeeding in this goal husband chooses to tell me our landlord said it was impossible to get a queen up the stairs! 1. I'm all like WTF?! 2. I'm like hells yeah! 3. lists. Well we got a new mattress from Charlotte. {Yes we hauled a queen bed from the Queen City so we didn't have to spend upwards of $1,000} Mister wanted to haul that baby up to the third floor from the outside and take it down to the second floor. That sounded like a terrible idea. TERRIBLE. 1. I was afraid someone would come flying off the roof. 2. It was raining. 3. This sounds like a stupid idea. 4. I know you're an engineer but you're dumb. 5. I'm right. Well he trumped me by not flying off the roof and got it up with a little help from a friend aka: anyone stronger than me. And now it remains in the guest room instead of underneath me night after night. Why you may ask? MARISA TELL US WHY! Oh because they don't fit DOWN the stairs either! Now I am subjected to sleeping in what is basically a fabric soup bowl. Despite this entire blog entry I really don't care, I can sleep on anything but I'm so ready to get that bed out of the guest room and into mine! Hopefully I'll remember to give updates as they come!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet me at the Mint

Over my weekend in Charlotte Noelle and I decided we should go ahead and check out the Chanel exhibit at the Mint Museum on Randolph Road. I had seen advertisements for it and gotten the weekly emails. We both really wanted to see it because I love fashion and fashion history and thought it would be so cool to see those pieces in real life. We went, we paid, we were sorely disappointed! Boo! There were only around 15 pieces in the exhibit and they were so plain Jane! Not the Coco I was expecting. I had expected the classics, and what she stood for: the petite shape, the menswear style, jersey dresses, quilted bags, and a chain lined jacket. I got very little or none of that! They had accessories from only a couple years ago in a case. You could see a better exhibit at Nieman Marcus. The descriptions were off as well. Chanel's system of naming items is very specific. Down to the month and year it was created and they had everything "circa 2005-2007". I guess I was expecting more pizazz for such a well known designer. More Lagerfeld and more history in the descriptions. I got more info from the kids book in the store than from the exhibit. {which was actually pretty inappropriate}
While the Chanel exhibit was a downer the Fashionable Silhouettes exhibit was more up my alley. They had two rooms filled with clothes through the ages. They had better descriptions but they were still lacking in history. Like Noelle said, once you've perused through every Smithsonian, MOMA, The Met, and the Uffizi your expectations are pretty high. It was worth it to see the other exhibits I would recommend checking out the Mint Museum in both the Randolph location and the new Uptown location. And if you buy admission {$10} to one museum you get re-admission to that museum and the other mint museum for the next two days for FREE! As well as Tuesday after 5 p.m. Just don't get your hopes up for Chanel ;).
p.s. and bring an umbrella...
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