Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Update

So this weekend Chris and I made the 8 hour trip home to Charlotte. We left right after work on Thursday and powered through to Charlotte and landed in bed around 2:30 a.m. It was a long and exhausting trip but we made it! Friday we got ready and lounged for a bit since everyone was at work. We took Jack on a long walk and then Chris dropped me off to have lunch with my mom. Then I went to my old office to check out the renovation. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I love it! It's a totally different office! It's amazing how just a little natural light can change everything. I sat in reception and never knew what it was like outside, it was like a dungeon and now it's bright and open. It's not finished yet but here is a sneak peak:I saw my dad, who didn't know I was dropping in, and everyone at my office. I got to chat and tell them all about the Baltimore office and how married life is. I wish I had more time but mom was getting off work at 2 so I only had about an hour to chat. I wrapped up my tour and said goodbye and mom and I were off to West Elm and Home Goods. I bought this little owl and trivet at West Elm.
There were a few things I really like but were just too expensive or too big for our little house. Then we went to Home Goods, we didn't find too much there. I carried around a raven on a skull for a while for Halloween but decided it was too much with it's glitter jacket and top hat. But ended up getting the cutest cupcake carrier instead. Then the whole family went out for dinner and margaritas! We all turned in early since Chris and I were still pretty exhausted from our drive.

Saturday I went on my old run and got ready to go shopping with Noelle all day! It was really fun. Just catching up and being in a familiar place. We both ended up only getting a couple things. I got this from American Eagle and one in pink:
Then we met both mine and Chris' family for dinner at 521 BBQ. This place is awesome. So delicious and cheap. The only problem is sometimes they run out of ribs! So you have to eat earlier, like 6 at least to ensure you get some wonderful ribs! Our family pretty much always splits something b
ecause it is so much heavy food but it's worth it! We went to my grandparents house for dessert: cookies, pound cake, blondies, ice cream...I have a classic grandma. We then went to my house to open the wedding presents that came after we had moved to Baltimore. Oh boy did we get some presents! I'm glad I bought more Thank You cards!

Sunday we went to Church and Nolen's in Dilworth. Then Chris and I had to return all the appliances we got extras of. We got the place mats I really wanted from Crate and Barrel and some mats for our front and back door.
We started packing up our trailer for the long ride home on Monday. We got up really early to get breakfast at The Flying Biscuit with Noelle and Jeremy then we headed back up north! The traffic wasn't nearly as bad as we thought and we made it in about 8.5 hours. We hurriedly unpacked everything in the rain and returned the trailer and collapsed into our bed at 11. Super long exhausting weekend but it was worth it to see our family's and get some great southern home cooked meals!

Cheers to that!

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