Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflections on 09.11.01

I honestly can't believe this was ten years ago. It feels like another lifetime ago. I was 14 at the time, a freshman in high school going about my usual day. We heard what we thought was thunder in my math class but when we looked outside it was still a gorgeous day. I was walking to get to my next class and my friend Mandy asked me if I had 'heard what happened' of course I hadn't. She told me the Twin Towers had been struck by a plane and the Pentagon had been hit as well. Why would a plane run into one of the Twin Towers? How could a plane run into the Pentagon? It's not that close to National that it would miss the runway. In my next class we watched as the Towers fell and we feared for our parents who worked in and around the Pentagon. Our pay phones were flooded with kids trying to find out whether their parents were alive or not. Our school basically shut down. No one held class, we just watched the news, cried and prayed. Kids waited for news from the office, waiting to get a yellow slip telling them their parents were alive. My dad worked in DC so I knew he wouldn't be near Arlington but I was still scared for him and my friends parents. I remember the whole day just being a daze. I remember getting off the bus and seeing my dad's car sitting in the drive way and sprinting home. Both my parents were safe at home. That night I started my on and off relationship with journaling. I knew that it was a life changing, time altering day and I wanted to remember that day for what it was.
There are so many stories of that day, we all remember. We will never forget. Hold the people you love close to you and drink in the small moments because you never know what day will be your last.

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