Thursday, September 29, 2011


Snowball {my vehicle} and I are officially Maryland residents! Snowball finally has her MD tags and I had to give away my NC licence. It was actually really easy once we had all the paperwork we needed: Title transfer, Bill of Sales, Safety inspection, Insurance, Bills with our names on them, Drivers Licence and check book! That would all be well and good but you have to get your Title Notarized, as well as the Bill of Sales {usually}, Safety inspections can take a lot of time and money {sometimes}, you need to research what kind of insurance you want to have, and you have to get bills in your name. Whew! Luckily I have a fantastic husband and ever patient mother who will do most of those things for me, {husband} and continue to pay insurance for our car while we try to figure all this out {mom}! We got there first thing and it was very easy, we had everything filled out already so they handed us over our new plates and that was it! So we went over to get my drivers license and luckily, I had brought everything you need: Old Drivers Licence, 2 proofs of residency, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. Very easy and people were actually nice! All of this makes me feel very grown up, but I did need husband to hold my hand for a lot of it sooooooo baby steps! Good luck to anyone needing to get this done!

Marisa {MD}

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