Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My name is Marisa and I am a shopaholic. Okay that's more of an exaggeration than anything but I love to think about clothes, what I want to buy, {list making in excess} look at clothes, I love the feeling of trying items on and the accomplishment of finding something that fits like it was made for you. {Pause for the mopping up of salivation that has puddled onto my desk} I even shop during lunch. Enter the Inner Harbour Shopping Experience. I work right in the Inner Harbour, which houses several shopping venues. This lunch break I went into Forever 21 {shudder}. Ahh the senses are overwhelmed with merchandise. And during that glorious lunch break mid-week the place is not only organized {!?} but completely void of those of which the store is actually targeted {super annoying with a hint of slutty (possibly pre)teens}. As much as I hate to admit it, I love to supplement my grown-up wardrobe with $6 jeans and $2 jewelry. Which is exactly what I got this time. I know there are others out there that are guilty of this too! Why do you go to Forever 21? What are your shopping guilty pleasures? Let me know!



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