Friday, September 30, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over...

Mac Jacobs everything

Marc Jacobs EVERYTHING! There is another backpack I want that comes in canvas but you can only buy it at Marc Jacobs stores! Boo!! There is one on eBay that's going for $200 something? {in reality it's $65!} I hope you have a great weekend!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011


Snowball {my vehicle} and I are officially Maryland residents! Snowball finally has her MD tags and I had to give away my NC licence. It was actually really easy once we had all the paperwork we needed: Title transfer, Bill of Sales, Safety inspection, Insurance, Bills with our names on them, Drivers Licence and check book! That would all be well and good but you have to get your Title Notarized, as well as the Bill of Sales {usually}, Safety inspections can take a lot of time and money {sometimes}, you need to research what kind of insurance you want to have, and you have to get bills in your name. Whew! Luckily I have a fantastic husband and ever patient mother who will do most of those things for me, {husband} and continue to pay insurance for our car while we try to figure all this out {mom}! We got there first thing and it was very easy, we had everything filled out already so they handed us over our new plates and that was it! So we went over to get my drivers license and luckily, I had brought everything you need: Old Drivers Licence, 2 proofs of residency, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. Very easy and people were actually nice! All of this makes me feel very grown up, but I did need husband to hold my hand for a lot of it sooooooo baby steps! Good luck to anyone needing to get this done!

Marisa {MD}

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My name is Marisa and I am a shopaholic. Okay that's more of an exaggeration than anything but I love to think about clothes, what I want to buy, {list making in excess} look at clothes, I love the feeling of trying items on and the accomplishment of finding something that fits like it was made for you. {Pause for the mopping up of salivation that has puddled onto my desk} I even shop during lunch. Enter the Inner Harbour Shopping Experience. I work right in the Inner Harbour, which houses several shopping venues. This lunch break I went into Forever 21 {shudder}. Ahh the senses are overwhelmed with merchandise. And during that glorious lunch break mid-week the place is not only organized {!?} but completely void of those of which the store is actually targeted {super annoying with a hint of slutty (possibly pre)teens}. As much as I hate to admit it, I love to supplement my grown-up wardrobe with $6 jeans and $2 jewelry. Which is exactly what I got this time. I know there are others out there that are guilty of this too! Why do you go to Forever 21? What are your shopping guilty pleasures? Let me know!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Queen City Photo Shoot

My limited time in Baltimore was consumed by work, laundry and packing. I went to Charlotte this weekend for a photo shoot for Noelle Munoz Jewelry. Pretty much my entire Saturday was dedicated to this shoot. I got to sleep in, then got ready and went to the shoot. We had our {Me, Noelle, Joanna} hair and make up done by Lisa and our photos were taken by the hilarious and amaaazing Cassandra and Steven from BlueSky Studios. We were all pretty worried about the gray skies from earlier in the day but it brightened up as we got ready to shoot. It was so relaxing and fun it didn't feel like we were 'working'. Noelle brought all of her best and brightest pieces to show off and we had a ball taking pictures all around Elizabeth Ave. If you ever need to have pictures taken I highly suggest BlueSky, they were so much fun, so cooperative, they understood Noelle's vision and were so flexible. I felt like they really truly cared about what we were doing and what we wanted to accomplish. I can't wait to see the pictures when they are finished! But for now here are some sneak peaks and you can read more here.Cheers!
*All pictures are taken by BlueSky Studios {FB Page} and Noelle Munoz

Aaaaaaand we're back!

It was a crazy week! With 3 days in DC, almost 2 days in Baltimore and almost 2 in Charlotte I’ve been pretty exhausted! Luckily I got to stay with my wonderful friend Heather {HAPPY BIRTHDAY!} in Eastern Market while in DC. We went out to Good Stuff Eatery, and Seventh Hill Pizza. Both were glorious! We got to eat outside at Seventh Hill drain a couple raspberry summer beers and enjoy the dough being thrown in the air. Freshly made in a stone oven the pizzas are slices of heaven and the atmosphere is to die for. I love outdoor seating and there is enough foot traffic to enjoy people {and dog} watching the night through. Very casual, excellent beer and wine choices and the Nutella Calzone are big enough to split 3 ways!
Good Stuff Eatery revolves around the burger. I had been craving umami and that could only be fulfilled with a good old fashioned burger. I could compare it mostly to Five Guys, hand made-to-order everything, burgers, fries and shakes. Who doesn’t love a little extra on their fries? Rosemary and thyme are my jam! I loved that they had a small size of fries; unlike Five Guys you can actually finish your own. So good, not too terribly expensive and super casual, as any burger place should be.

I’ll be back for more updates! Cheers!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Please Excuse the Pause

I'll be in DC most of this week without a laptop...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leather jackets

Leather jackets

Jil Sander zipper jacket
$4,675 -

Burberry jacket
$1,995 -

Gucci jacket
$1,195 -

Rag Bone suede leather jacket
£361 -

All Saints leather jacket
$550 -

MuuBaa zipper jacket
€400 -

Dorothy Perkins black jacket
£48 -

Friday, September 16, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over: Random Edition

This week has been a total glorious blur! So here is what has been on my mind this past week:

random wants

I'm wearing my Edge of Urge earrings today, everyone is asking if I got extensions, no. :( But I would love to dye the back/bottom of my hair dark blue or purple. You only live once right? I'm looking forward to this weekend of exploring Bomo with Mister. Loving the cool weather and getting pumped for Halloween! What are you going to be this year?
Cheers to a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please excuse my absence...

I'm headed to DC for the next few days...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflections on 09.11.01

I honestly can't believe this was ten years ago. It feels like another lifetime ago. I was 14 at the time, a freshman in high school going about my usual day. We heard what we thought was thunder in my math class but when we looked outside it was still a gorgeous day. I was walking to get to my next class and my friend Mandy asked me if I had 'heard what happened' of course I hadn't. She told me the Twin Towers had been struck by a plane and the Pentagon had been hit as well. Why would a plane run into one of the Twin Towers? How could a plane run into the Pentagon? It's not that close to National that it would miss the runway. In my next class we watched as the Towers fell and we feared for our parents who worked in and around the Pentagon. Our pay phones were flooded with kids trying to find out whether their parents were alive or not. Our school basically shut down. No one held class, we just watched the news, cried and prayed. Kids waited for news from the office, waiting to get a yellow slip telling them their parents were alive. My dad worked in DC so I knew he wouldn't be near Arlington but I was still scared for him and my friends parents. I remember the whole day just being a daze. I remember getting off the bus and seeing my dad's car sitting in the drive way and sprinting home. Both my parents were safe at home. That night I started my on and off relationship with journaling. I knew that it was a life changing, time altering day and I wanted to remember that day for what it was.
There are so many stories of that day, we all remember. We will never forget. Hold the people you love close to you and drink in the small moments because you never know what day will be your last.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over...

All of these black boots, can it PLEASE stop raining!?Black Boots

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Whew! The day is crazy! I had a DC day today and going non-stop from 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. is not easy on the old {?} bones. I know people say 'oh you can relax on the train', I don't know how anyone can relax on the train! The seats are not deep enough, even for me, I'm only 5'2"! I guess I did relax enough in the morning that I actually fell asleep on the train but I don't think that counts because I'm merely exhausted from the early hour. After going all day I just want to get home and a lot of times the train gets stuck waiting for another train to leave the station or some other reason. I was also tired because my feet were soaked the entire day! I had to take my socks off. Does that sound pathetic? The rain has just been getting me down, it's been raining all week! It looked like it was night time all day yesterday! What do you do to get rid of stress? Usually some relaxing music and half glass of wine are good but I was too tired for even that! I got home and ran to my robe and collapsed into our recliner. It might be time to break in the bathtub! Luckily, my husband is so good to me and made dinner, cleaned up after AND gave my poor back a little rub. ah Cheers to better days! Let me know how you relieve your stress!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Organized Chaos

Since Chris and I lugged so much stuff up to Baltimore we had to make time to unpack and find a place for it all. It's so stressful to me to have things laying out when they have a place, even more so when you have to find a place for those things to go. We have found places for the giant pile of things that were laying in the middle of our living room/entrance, but the little things still need homes. I came home to find my wonderful husband had already moved one of our big heavy chairs to the 3rd floor to make room for our vintage trunk/blanket holder/drink table,

We are trying to get more organized since we are having our first sleepover guest on Friday! Otherwise it would be a slower, more relaxed process. Luckily, anything will be better than what Ira, our guest, experienced last time he visited Chris. He slept on the floor! No sleeping bag, no nothing! We have a guest room we have been struggling with. We don't have enough closet space anywhere, so our excess clothes, shoes and purses have lived in the guest room. It will be quite a process but hopefully, we will figure it out. I will let you know how it goes. And of course any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This is what it looked like before the second move:
We need some serious wall interest and I really don't like the carpet or the built-in that I don't want to show in pictures. We need lighting. There are no lights in pretty much our whole house! Oh, first world problems!
I'll take more pictures after Ira has left, so you can see what we did. Ugh, I wish I had a decorating allowance, I would probably just hire someone from The Container Store to organize, but then I would only end up with four shirts, a jacket and a ton of socks! Have you ever noticed that there are never a normal amount of clothes in their adds? How hard would it be to organized when you only own 2 and a half outfits? Happy organizing! Cheers!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Currently Obessing Over: Rainy Day Edition

So after a whirlwind it's been raining since we got back. It's a little depressing. BUT we brought back a trailer full of stuff to the house so the rain is keeping me inside and making me organize and make our little house a home. It's pretty exciting turning into a grown up! Pictures will come soon. But for now here is what I've been dreaming of for these rainy rainy days...

Rainy Day

Cheers and stay dry!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Update

So this weekend Chris and I made the 8 hour trip home to Charlotte. We left right after work on Thursday and powered through to Charlotte and landed in bed around 2:30 a.m. It was a long and exhausting trip but we made it! Friday we got ready and lounged for a bit since everyone was at work. We took Jack on a long walk and then Chris dropped me off to have lunch with my mom. Then I went to my old office to check out the renovation. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I love it! It's a totally different office! It's amazing how just a little natural light can change everything. I sat in reception and never knew what it was like outside, it was like a dungeon and now it's bright and open. It's not finished yet but here is a sneak peak:I saw my dad, who didn't know I was dropping in, and everyone at my office. I got to chat and tell them all about the Baltimore office and how married life is. I wish I had more time but mom was getting off work at 2 so I only had about an hour to chat. I wrapped up my tour and said goodbye and mom and I were off to West Elm and Home Goods. I bought this little owl and trivet at West Elm.
There were a few things I really like but were just too expensive or too big for our little house. Then we went to Home Goods, we didn't find too much there. I carried around a raven on a skull for a while for Halloween but decided it was too much with it's glitter jacket and top hat. But ended up getting the cutest cupcake carrier instead. Then the whole family went out for dinner and margaritas! We all turned in early since Chris and I were still pretty exhausted from our drive.

Saturday I went on my old run and got ready to go shopping with Noelle all day! It was really fun. Just catching up and being in a familiar place. We both ended up only getting a couple things. I got this from American Eagle and one in pink:
Then we met both mine and Chris' family for dinner at 521 BBQ. This place is awesome. So delicious and cheap. The only problem is sometimes they run out of ribs! So you have to eat earlier, like 6 at least to ensure you get some wonderful ribs! Our family pretty much always splits something b
ecause it is so much heavy food but it's worth it! We went to my grandparents house for dessert: cookies, pound cake, blondies, ice cream...I have a classic grandma. We then went to my house to open the wedding presents that came after we had moved to Baltimore. Oh boy did we get some presents! I'm glad I bought more Thank You cards!

Sunday we went to Church and Nolen's in Dilworth. Then Chris and I had to return all the appliances we got extras of. We got the place mats I really wanted from Crate and Barrel and some mats for our front and back door.
We started packing up our trailer for the long ride home on Monday. We got up really early to get breakfast at The Flying Biscuit with Noelle and Jeremy then we headed back up north! The traffic wasn't nearly as bad as we thought and we made it in about 8.5 hours. We hurriedly unpacked everything in the rain and returned the trailer and collapsed into our bed at 11. Super long exhausting weekend but it was worth it to see our family's and get some great southern home cooked meals!

Cheers to that!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Part II of Excuses

I totally forgot the other reasons why I stopped blogging for a while! There are three to be exact: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, all by Suzanne Collins. I got turned on to these books because I'm a huge nerd and love Harry Potter. How are these connected you may ask? Well I'm such a nerd I listen to the Harry Potter Podcast; Mugglecast. Still, what does that have to do with The Hunger Games? Mugglecast is sponsored by Audible and they recommend readers of Harry Potter to The Hunger Games. I heard this numerous times before I finally gave and checked it out from the library. (I was probably 124 on the list!) I read it and literally could NOT put it down. I read it everywhere, maybe a couple times at work! Suzanne Collins is a master of cliff hangers! Every chapter ended forcing you to want more. I immediately put myself on the list for the second and third books. I devoured them.

The Hunger Games Trilogy follows Katniss Everdeen in her battle to survive in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are like a sick reality show out in by the government of what used to be the United States. They choose 2 'tributes' from each District (there are 12 districts) a boy and a girl representing each. In the games the tributes are forced to battle to the death, the last man standing wins more food and glory for the district they represent. But there are several twists, aren't there always? I would say more but it is so much better if you just read them! I'm even more excited since there is a movie coming out next year and it's being filmed in NC about an hour north of my house in Charlotte! I got the husband to read them and he's totally hooked too! Let me know if you read them, or if you have any good recommendations for books! Right now I'm reading Scott Westerfelds The Uglies Series, which, so far is really good too! GO OUT AND READ!

Cheers to that!

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