Sunday, July 10, 2011

My 10 days in Baltimore…

As I was without a phone I had to make do with just Chris, facebook and gchat as my forms of communication. While we were in Baltimore we went shopping, went to Annapolis and hung out on Ryan’s boat, ate a lot, slept A LOT and went to DC one more time. Luckily we have a couple excuses to go into DC, one being my best friend from Lake Braddock who just moved from Shirlington all the way to the Hill! :) We went to a Justin’s Caf√© near Nationals Stadium and had some beer and pizza and met Heather and some of her friends from Virginia Tech. Then we ventured to North West DC to ACKC for some desserts with Jess and to retrieve my phone! They have an awesome dessert case AND ‘Diva’ milkshakes named for some of the all time great divas! I had the Joan Crawford (or Collins) and Chris tried the Liz Taylor. Both were delish! A little on the large side for my taste, I can’t handle too much dessert sometimes! But we sat there long enough that I finished with Chris’s and Jess’s help of course! Then we made it back through the torrential downpour back to Maryland.
Over the next few days we did lots of laundry and excitedly packed for our 15 day trip to Hawaii and our upcoming wedding!
This is a picture of us before we went to Chaps Pit Beef, as you can see from the previous post. I made Chris change because we CAN NOT be one of THOSE couples! Lawls! And yes, we did live in sin for about 10 days before our wedding but I think after 6 years of being apart we will be forgiven! :)
Until Hawaii!

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