Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'll never look at Eggs Benedict the same...

Last night when I got home I came home to hear Chris talking on the phone with his brother. Of course I could hear all of this from the bottom floor of the house! He was talking about the dinners we make and how I like to spice things up and add a ton of things that normally Chris would leave plain. Of course he used the example of bacon in salad, which, what else would you put in a BLT salad? But also grilled teriyaki pineapple or cheese. It is always nice to walk in on someone saying something nice about you! :) Makes the warm fuzzies come out! We hung out for a bit on the deck then I headed down to the kitchen to make him his Pineapple Upside-Down cake.
After that I wasn't feeling like trying too hard on dinner so I figured breakfast for dinner would be easy. Oh naive me...I thought this would be a fine time to try to make hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict, oh yes and for Chris to learn to make poached eggs. Honestly what the hell was I thinking? I used this recipe for the sauce. I created a double broiler out of a small pot and a skillet and used lemon juice instead of vinegar. There has to be an easier way to make this besides buying a pre-made packet! I don't know where on the internet Chris learned how to make poached eggs but in the instructions it clearly said "DO NOT PANIC"! I would recommend making these in the microwave with a little water next time. Everything actually turned out better than I expected:
But we will never do that again! Our kitchen was a mass of chaos! It was delicious and I was too full to try my cake but Chris enjoyed it. It was a great night full of insanity but well worth it! Tonight, we're going to take the easy route with some pasta I'm sure. I'm exhausted just writing this!


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