Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You!

The morning of my wedding was very relaxing, I got up and had some coffee with my dad and we saw a double rainbow! We made everyone come outside to see it. Definitely felt like a good sign! Little did we know we would see several others later that day!
I made everyone in our house breakfast and then we packed ourselves to go to the beach. Our friend Shemeh couldn't come because she had just started a new job and couldn't take time off so we brought her with us! Hannah had brought a picture of her from my bachelorette party and we glued her to one of my programs and brought her with us everywhere!
We had so much fun with her! We went to Poipu beach and sunned and snorkeled for a few hours and ate some lunch then came home so we could all get ready with plenty of time! After a long shower, a little nail painting session and hair (?) and make up I was all ready. Our wedding wasn't going to take place until sunset, around 6 p.m. at The Beach House Restaurant. We got there and hung out in the bathroom so I wouldn't see my groom. We took some pictures and chatted for what felt like a really long time. Then it was finally time! I heard the our musician blow the conch to all four cardinal directions. My parents walked me through the restaurant and out onto the lawn. All the people at the restaurant were watching and I could see the people in condos close by looking from their balconies! There was even a rainbow over the ceremony. Which was convenient since my song was "Somewhere over the Rainbow" played by our musician on his uke.

I was good up until I started walking down the actual aisle. I broke down a little but made it through and we all exchanged leis and kisses.

Our officiant told us to take a breath and calm down a little and then she started the ceremony. The weather had different plans! It started to rain! Usually rains in Hawaii are pretty light and last only a few minutes but we decided to take a break and let everyone stay dry for a few minutes.
It was actually really nice because it broke the tension, and I got to chat with some of my guests! The rain stopped after a couple minutes and I walked down the aisle again! We started all over and everything was beautiful! I arranged everything we said and I was so happy with how it all turned out! I was afraid with me arranging and writing everything I would remember all of it but I didn't and was still emotional over what I was saying. We kissed and walked down the aisle as Husband and Wife! :) We then took a ton of pictures with all combinations of people! We got to include several traditions from Hawaii and my family. We had a conch blown to the four navigational points and a ukulele player. My cousin's kids were our lei and ring bearers, my cousin was in my parents wedding. The pillow that our ring bearer held was also in my parents wedding. I carried the same handkerchief from my sister's wedding, and Chris' Brothers wedding! After pictures we sat down to a delicious meal and toasts from Chris' brother and my sister. They were both hilarious, sentimental and so sweet and lovely. Both of our parents also gave toasts which were equally sweet and tear jerkers! After dinner it was time to boogie! We went to the Hyatt for a late night dance party and drinks. It was so much fun and we had such a ball. I'm so thankful I got to spend so much time with people I love and truly care about me and Chris.

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