Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harbor East - Shops

So I wrote about going to Harbor East over the weekend and thought this would be a good way to start my "Baltimore: The Greatest City in America" Guide. Harbor East is (shocker) just east of the much more well known Inner Harbor. It is a brand new development fitted with hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment and flanked by the Legg Mason Building and several other commercial office buildings. The first time I ever went there was last fall and I loved it! There was a festival going on and the streets were blocked off and there was live music and vendors all over. But you could still go into all the shops.
Many of the shops carry more high end items like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Nannette Lapore and Badgley Mischka but also carry more affordable items. I like to go into these shops but have yet to find my comfort zone within them. Some of them seem so odd, they are either over packed or under packed with merchandise. Does that make sense? You feel like you're for sale in the store because there is nothing around you? There is too much open space or everything is over crowded. That's how I felt in several of these places.
I said I had been to Amaryillis, and I loved it. They carry a mixture of handcrafted jewelry that is all unique and has a variety of prices so there are options for everyone's pocketbook.
Chris and I went into Arhaus last time we were there and they sold knockoff Barcelona Chairs so I'm not sure if I can ever go back inside. But they did have some cool stuff but it was all too big for our little rowhouse. They have kind of a rustic meets modern vibe to their merchandise, with a little traditional mixed in.
I went into Handbags in the City the first time I went, mostly because they sell MCM bags which I haven't seen since the store left Tyson's in like 1997! They have a ton of beautiful high-end bags and shoes for both men and women as well as accessories and clothes. I wish I had the funds to shop at this store. It is beautiful to walk in and I'm totally jealous of anyone that walks out of there with a bag!
This was the first time I went into Sassanova. I don't know how to describe this place. 1. I hate the name, Sassanova. Casanova basically means a philanderer or a womanizer so Sassanova is a sassy lady the spends way too much money on something that you can easily buy from an art show and probably better quality? I don't know the store rubbed me the wrong way. 2. It was one of those stores that I felt like I couldn't turn around without knocking something over. They had a great selection of shoes but with five people in the store I felt cramped and if I tried to get a shoe on I would end up on the floor. 3. The little couch that was meant to house a Cinderella trying find her perfect fit was full of not-so Prince Charmings rolling their eyes at their wives and girlfriends feigning interest. Lucky mine was not one of them. I would go in again, sans husband, to check out the shoes, they had great high-end shoes but otherwise I would pass it over for Handbags in the City.
We went to South Moon Under as well, and they had a great array of designer and no-name brands AND they had a men's section! A great men's section. I will definitely be stopping by there for gifts for Chris, they had Penguin, Jack Spade, Seven, but also North Face, Quicksilver and other 'surf shop' brands. The women's section is just as good and varied. They carry shoes and accessories as well. Loved it, highly recommend.
We ran in and out of Urban Chic mostly because 1. Their stuff was quite expensive. 2. I felt like I was an item for sale because there was too much open space. 3. They had a security guy at the door and 4. We were pretty exhausted. I wasn't super impressed, but I'll try it again.
That's all for now on Harbor East, I hope this helps!

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