Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forever is three months!

Ohhh man it has been forever since I last posted! Almost 3 months! That is terrifying! But I have several great excuses for not posting. I really want to get better at this especially since I want to change up my format a bit! :) I don’t know how some people do this every day and have a full-time job! And have interesting things to say daily! Okay so back to business…

The list of excuses begins:

I was planning my wedding!

I had a wedding shower! {May 21}

I had a bachelorette party in Charleston with the best friends a girl could ask for! {June 3-5}

I moved to Baltimore! With the help of my sister (birthday girl) and her wonderful husband! {July 1-4}

I went to Hawaii to get MARRIED and HONEYMOON! {July 11-26}

I moved into a rowhouse with my HUSBAND! {July 27-August 1}

I started a new/old job! {August 8}

So that brings us up to today! Since moving to Baltimore I only have a few friends here and am adjusting to my new little house and finally living with my now husband! I miss my family and Charlotte so much I have been counting down the days until we can finally be reunited! {15!} I would like for this blog to chronicle my life here as a married lady learning about Charm City and exploring all the things Baltimore has to offer, good and bad! Here’s to a new year, a new city and new life along with a little southern hospitality sprinkled in! :)

As always, cheers to life!


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