Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Commuter Benefits

As a regular commuter I have found a need that I need to fill, an itch I need to scratch, a hole I need to punch, a dog I need to walk, what? Seriously, I need 2 things that are dormant in my closet. Flats, and an awesomely cool backpack. I walk .9 miles to work everyday and occasionally take a MARC>Metro>walk to the DC office. I would also love to go to the gym right after work. Luckily it is located right between house and work! Here lies the problem: I have no cool backpack in which to tote all of my gym wonders. I also need more flats so I can stop wearing my Sperry's to work and changing into heels. ALSO I need a backpack to put those heels in when I do choose to tote them to work. So many problems so little time. Solutions:

Commuter Pack

Are there any special needs you have for work? A dress code you need to follow? Let me know!


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