Friday, July 1, 2011

June Bug

June was mostly a blur of trying to find a place to live, trying to find a job and trying to nail down wedding vows, flowers, music and many many other things! I went up to Baltimore the weekend after my Bachelorette jamboree to look for places to live with Chris. I got there on Thursday night and we searched for places o
n Friday afternoon. The first 2 places were awful! One was on the second story of a row house and was so tiny and smelled like smoke and in a terrible area. The other was not finished and looked like it would not be even close to finished by the time we would need to move in. The third Chris had sent me pictures of and I was excited to see it! I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get it because that is what happened to several places we had our eye on. We saw it and I loved it! We discussed it later and signed the lease the next day. On Saturday we went to a rising Juniors formal for the Dental school with some of our friends at the Orioles Sports Legends Museum. We had a blast! We had full access to the museum and lots of free food and drinks! We spent a lot of time with our friends Chris and Shelley and they ended up coming over and playing games with us later that night and the next day as well!

It was overall a great and successful trip to Baltimore and it made me more excited now that we had a place to live. Now if only I could get a job to pay for that place of residency! A few weeks later I was asked to join not only the Baltimore office but the DC office as well! WHAT A RELIEF! I was so excited that I could stay with this awesome firm and I wouldn’t have to pedal my resume around town not knowing when I would get paid!

My last day was July first and I had a little going away party/wedding party given by my office. It was so sweet and I miss them so much! There is nothing like good old southern hospitality! It was hard to leave but I was starting a whole new life…

Cheers Until July…

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