Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goodbye Charlotte, Hello Baltimore!

My packing extravaganza was already in full swing but I still had a long way to go on my last day of work. We quickly realized the only time I could move would be over July 4th weekend! This is most unfortunate because July 4th is Noelle’s birthday and the 5th is my mom’s birthday! So we somehow convinced Noelle and Jeremy to help me move my stuff up to Baltimore over her birthday weekend! Saturday morning was the worst. I had only had a few hours of sleep trying to pack everything in my U-Haul and I had to leave my family behind!

Dad was the first to break, he was packing some linens for me and I could hear him sniffling in the other room. I kind of want to cry right now thinking about it! Then it was mom then Noelle and Jeremy. The whole family was one big sobfest! Whew! We left on schedule and maybe Noelle and I cried a couple times in the car on our way up there but otherwise we made it safe and sound and at a good time! We unloaded everything into my storage space and all went back to Chris’ apartment and took naps! That night we surprised Noelle’s with her best friend from college, Nikki and her fiancĂ© Borzou at Canton Dockside for Baltimore crabs! We had so much fun and stuffed ourselves to the brim! The next day Chris wanted to take us to a Baltimore landmark for lunch, Chap’s Pit Beef. To me that sounds disgusting, that, along with the fact that you have to drive through a sketchy area paired with the fact that it is basically in the parking lot of a strip club made me not just a little uneasy about my future dining experience. This place has been featured on ‘Diners Drive-ins and Dives’ and, according to the lady at the window about 9 other shows or magazines. All of us got beef sandwiches with horseradish sauce and fries. It was delicious. Honestly, it’s like 10a.m. and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! :)
After lunch Noelle wanted to just shop shop shop. Since it was her birthday the next day and I still hadn’t gotten her anything I accompanied her and bought mostly whatever she wanted. Along with a new pair of shoes for myself, which happen to be the same ones she had as well! :) That night we went out for pizza with our friend Ryan, our local foodie. We were up for anything after a long day of shopping, and pizza sounded great. Noelle and I are notorious for hating Chicago style pizza and of course Ryan told us half way there that it was only Chicago style. Well, we have since recanted our past thoughts. Matthew’s Pizza was delicious! We took home a ton of leftovers but we stuffed ourselves before doing so! It wasn’t soupy; the crust was crispy as well as being deep and filled with fresh ingredients and a gelato case to boot! We went out to a bar in Fells Point later and blew bubbles on the pier for Noelle’s birthday at midnight. The next day Noelle and Jeremy had to leave early in the morning so they could be home in time for fireworks. When they left Noelle refused to cry and made me do likewise. They made it home in time for her fireworks and left Chris and I to our own devices. With that we decided to venture to our Nation’s Capitol for our countries birth. We went to one of Chris’ classmates from Duke, Jess’s house and ate an incredible dinner prepared entirely by one of her roommates and got to see the fireworks from a sound free distance! :) We spent the night there and then ventured into my old stomping grounds of Northern Virginia for Tyson’s Corner mall and delicious Lebanese food! Then back to Baltimore we went, unfortunately when I tried to call my mom for her birthday I realized we had left my cell phone at Jess’s house. The story continues…
Cheers for now!

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