Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So originally we had found reasonable tickets flying out of Dulles, Tuesday the 12th, at 6 a.m. with several long layovers and getting into Lihui late Tuesday night. We would then fly back out of Lihui 2 weeks later and fly into National…does this make practical sense? Not really. This is how I found out my {future} husband can charm the pants off anyone and if he really wants something, no one can so no to the golden hair, crystal blue eyes, Ken Doll physic and of course that southern charm!
Chris managed to get our tickets changed to a day earlier, Monday the 11th, at 10 a.m. flying out of BWI, fewer and shorter layovers and flying back into BWI as well. All of this and no extra cost, oh yes, and did I mention that they let him do that for all 5 other people flying with us? My husband is magical. He also got us into the captain’s lounge and an extremely discounted car rental as well. So glad I married into this luck!
We got to BWI around 8, I am such a nervous security person, not flyer, I’m fine with flying, it's lateness that gets my nerves rushing. I am super afraid I will somehow miss my flight that I paid my hard earned money for. Chris and I entertained ourselves with games and such while we waited and chatted with the couple that was flying with us. (the 3 other guys decided they wanted to catch a later flight) Everything went smoothly to Dallas, to LA where we lounged and tried to spot celebrities. We finally made it to Lihui after almost 24 hours of traveling where I was reunited with one of my best friends and bridesmaid Dennae.
She opted to come a day early from Montana and stay with all of us at Chris’ parent’s house. We stayed up until it was about 6 a.m. east coast time talking and catching up. The next day we made it to Costco so everyone could get their snorkel gear and sunscreen! Chris and I, especially Chris, love to snorkel! So we had to make sure everyone had their gear! We spent the rest of the day sunning, teaching everyone how to snorkel in Poipu beach, and waiting for the rest of our party to arrive!
My family arrived around 4 p.m. and walked right onto the beach, it was so great to see them after being away for almost 2 weeks! They were totally blitzed! They had stopped for happy hour on the way to the beach and were on their way to Costco to stock their house. While they ran errands we rounded everyone for dinner and drinks at my parents house for a mini pool party! We gathered and told stories and had some merriment while we waited for our dinners to finish. I have to say it’s so nice to be surrounded by people you love and love you in return. I loved hearing stories of Chris and how much people admire him and what a hard worker he is. That is definitely one of the things that made me fall in love with him, his hard work, dedication, pursuit of knowledge, love of other people and his genuine sweetness. Ah, so glad I chose this man as my mate in life and he chose me! Finally, the rest of my bridesmaids and reader Camille came in around 10p.m. and went straight to bed, well, after I gave them a couple presents! I got each of them a monogrammed beach bag and a large beach towel with their name on it. These items definitely came in handy! I got one of each for myself as well! The next day would be filled with lots of activities and pulling things together before the big day!

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