Monday, June 6, 2011

Chucktown Bound!

So for my wedding Chris and I decided to both have 4 attendants each. My Matron of Honor was my sister, Noelle, followed by my wonderful friends from high school (Charlotte and Fairfax): Hannah, Dennae and Heather. For my bachelorette party we decided to head to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. One of my dear friends, Shemeh, had recently moved there and was more than happy to host my bachelorette party there.
The party consisted of me, Noelle, fellow Young Life leader Camille, Hannah, Heather, and our hostess Shemeh. All but Heather arrived in Charleston on Friday afternoon and ate dinner at Fleet Landing decked out in our bright pink and purple boas and, to my chagrin, penis straws. {They ended up being hilarious and excellent props} After dinner we picked up Heather from the airport and enjoyed a chill night watching a movie we all fell asleep during! On Saturday we went to Folly Beach and toted way too many drinks. We enjoyed lots of sun and sand and took plenty of fun pictures! We made our way back home and showered and got ourselves prepped and ready for a long, hilarious, booze-filled night out! Before we left for Rue De Jean I was treated to a lovely trousseau, which included a rather large veil for me to wear that night, lots of storytelling and maybe a few pre-party drinks! Dinner was delicious, I highly recommend! My
sister goes there every time she goes to Charleston!

After that we headed to Wet Willies where I was invited onstage to sing with the band, and that, my dear readers, is where the fun really began! Everyone was very attracted to the large veil and boas that shed, and resulted in some very pink necks and the tossing out of one yellow purse. We went to several other bars where people were prompted to yell “Don’t do it” and for my friends to yell back “He’s going to be a doctor!” and then they would usually say “Oh DO IT DO IT!” and then buy us drinks. We also took some pictures with firemen, because Chris had stickly said "No firemen!" (He thought we were going the stripper route!)I insisted on not drinking too much and on making sure if I did I had a designated hair holder! Fortunately no one got sick at any point of the trip! After I was bought and told to take 3 shots of tequila I cut myself off and stuck to water for the rest of the night. But that didn’t stop me from dancing like no bodies business!

The next morning as we were getting ready to go out for breakfast Hannah discovered in her sleeping bag a pair of shorts and underwear that did not belong to her. She took them out and realized that Mona, Shemeh's weiner dog had found them first and had chewed the underwear (Heather's) into a loin cloth and a perfect circle out of the shorts! (Mine) Here is the end result:
Hilarious! After breakfast we all made our ways home, Hannah came back with me and Noelle and Camille because her brother, who is also a jeweler still lives in Charlotte. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I had so much fun with the best friends a girl could ask for!
Cheers to friends!

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