Wednesday, May 4, 2011

YAY News! :)

So the reason I was SOOOSOSOOOooooOOOoooo happy on Friday was because my gorgeously wonderfully talented sister finally put her 2 weeks notice into her job at Knoll...
So soon she'll be a full time jeweler! :) I'm so happy for her and proud of her it's ridiculous! I got to spend the whole weekend with her since both of our parents were in Chicago for separate reasons. Jack and I made our way to their house and we had a little sleepover! Since Noelle is leaving Knoll she decided to pick up a part time job at Quail Hollow. (Where the Wells Fargo Championship is this week!) Anyway, she had to work early-ish on Sunday so we had a leisurely breakfast at my house and then she was off!

This week has been so crazy I haven't sat still in forever! I've had several deadlines over the past 2-4 days and I'm so glad everything is coming to a close. Work wise and wedding wise. I don't ever want to talk about either ever again. But that's the only thing anyone wants to know about me so I guess I'll have to adjust. Chris and I are starting to look for places in Baltimore and it looks like I'll have to book a trip up there to see what options we have.

BUT I have my sweet little Dennae home for a little while so I have someone I can just tell everything too and she can hug me an tell me every thing's okay. Or tell me to put on my frikin big girl panties and tell me all the awesome things she's doing in Montana. We have some serious catching up to do! Definitely looking forward to Happy Hour tonight! :)



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  1. I love you, thank you<3 you are the best sister ever and I don't what i will do with out you in Charlotte with me!


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