Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents {Valentines} Weekend! :)

So being the awesome Young Life leaders we are one of the parents offered their mountain house {mansion} to us as a Christmas present! And what a present it was! Chris and I didn't get to be there until very late since his flight didn't come into Charlotte until 10 p.m. :( But we got there safe and sound and it was gorgeous! It sleeps 12-16 people! So you know it was big! We only invited one other couple so it was just Me, Chris, Noelle, Jeremy, Nyker and Emily.

We pretty much just relaxed, walked around Blowing Rock, ate and drank! Chris and I even ran into one of our high school friends at Kilwins! If you have never heard of Kilwins you had better look it up! It's wonderful! There was one in Wilmington and there is one in Charlotte but I almost never get to go since it is still kind of a hike.

We watched the sun set over the mountains and enjoyed shrimp tacos and s'mores and CARBOMBS! Carbombs have become a tradition with Noelle and Nyker and Chris. Over the summer while I was at camp Noelle Jeremy, Nyker Emily and Chris all hung out without me! I guess the show must go on! Anyhow, they had a night of carbombs and stayed up til probably 3. Anyhow, it was a great relaxing weekend and I'm so blessed that I got to spend the weekend with people I love! :)



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