Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion {Dog} Show!

So this Thursday I realized I had lost/got toned enough to fit into my new blue dress. That sounds absurd that probably 2 pounds would make a difference but it does sometimes. This dress is so cute, it pretty much looks like Kate Middletons Issa dress. If only I had her body! Anyway this was a pleasant surprise since I had a Humane Society Fashion show to attend that evening. After getting lots of compliments :) I spent the night munching on goods and sipping champagne with some fellow pup lovers! So much fun! There were no ground breaking fashions being shown but it was fun anyway! I love all white outfits and the nautical look. But I'm pretty sure I loved that classic look before it came back in ;) Here are a couple goodies:

And of course the best part was the dogs!!! Soo cute! The Humane Society is so awesome and whenever Chris and I decide to take the plunge and commit ourselves to a little animal we will be rescuing! These dogs were hilarious!

P.S. Morgan Fogarty is totally gorgeous in person!!
Before we left to dine at The Cowfish this lady took center stage!! LOVE IT!!!!
Okay so now you're like what the hell? Cowfish that sounds disgusting...NOT AT ALL!!! SOOOOOO GOOOD!! I love sushi! And this was awesome, I was talked into getting the blackened tuna roll and it was soo good! I've tried to go back a bunch of times but its always like a 1.5-2 hour wait! It would be worth the wait if you weren't starving. Branch out try something new, ask your waiter to suggest something because I would have been a little lost without mine! I definitely want to try some burgushi next time I'm there! Altogether awesome night. So happy! :)


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