Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

There was lots of shopping to be had but little buying...Which is good considering I should be saving for my next life with my future husband. But bad considering I have been on a rampage of terror on my family for reasons beyond our (read: my) control. Saturday I woke up naturally at sun o'clock and realized at 1 that I had totally missed an important (to me) YL meeting about how to be a better/effective/more awesome leader. Sometimes I feel totally stupid with these kids or why would they listen to me?

After a long shower/getting ready extremely slowly session I went to South Park mall to see if Urban had anything I needed (read: wanted). I found some super cute dresses, but they were, of course, too expensive since I could probably just make one like they had. I swear I'm going to learning to sew!! But these are the cuties I considered...

Can you even see those??
Dress 1 had issues with the back having elastic in it bleh! The smallest was too big. I have issues with clothing sizes that I will rant about at a later date...
Dress 2 I came very close to buying with it's $60 price tag was just too much for not enough cuteness
Dress 3 was just not fitted enough with a wide open back {giddy with love for fun backs!}
Poor skirt just made my butt look bad which I think is a pretty hard feat! ;)
After my shopping disappointment I wanted to make Chris a Valentine. I don't like Valentine's day but since this is our last one apart I figured I would take the opportunity to send him a little something. I love making things by hand! So I have several ideas that I have been toying with but nothing has come to fruition yet.
Sunday was the usual Church/brunch. Then went looking for more supplies for Chris Valentine ended up buying even more tights (I have an obsession!!!) and no supplies. Dinner and Super Bowl/The Social Network, Glee!! I'm so HAPPY it's back! I still don't know if I like Modern Family or Glee better...
The Social Network was good, there was lots of fast talking/mumbling and really bad music. Honestly, the score was distracting. But I thought the movie was really good. It made me a little homesick for Duke...I went there I didn't GO there. It was good, I thought it made Mark Zuckerberg not look as bad as I would have thought but maybe I was too lost in the dialogue. Rent on redbox, let me know your thoughts!
YL tonight very excited. :)

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