Friday, February 4, 2011

Selfish Friday

So yesterday was pretty not good to begin with. I just kept getting things piled on me when I already had so much to do! Total cryundermydeskatwork day...I got a lot done but ughh just not good! This is how I felt. Okay not about Justin Bieber but you get the idea.

We had campaigners last night and we had 6 girls show up! I was so happy! Well, actually, that's a lie. I was still totally stressed out because we thought we were going to have wayyy more so I needed to buy more notebooks. (Blog on that one later...) And Noelle wanted me to buy ice and Dr. Pepper. I see this text mid-shop with no cart so I of course get the huge ice and DP and attempt to walk with my life in my hands as I'm already running 30 minutes late! I made it. Even though I had to drop the ice like 15 ft from the car to not cry in the parking lot as well.

I finally made it and thank goodness for those girls! I was laughing my booty off at their stories, seeing them totally boy crazy and just being hilarious in general. I was literally in tears over all of our awkwardness! Soo awesome! After they left Noelle and I looked at our old journals and...well. Yeah, it's pretty much super awkward to see your thoughts from high school and college. I kept a journal because I was like 'oh yeah I want my kids to see what I was like'...ummm NO! I never want anyone to see it! They are totally embarrassing! BUT it was very therapeutic to write all my thoughts out and it's nice to see and remember things I never would have remembered otherwise.

Today I needed a serious pick-me-up so I went 1/2 ballerina on the outfit, it's pretty awesome...
I'm obsessed with this store. I have this headband and one of these hearts and I already want more! (Another blog post to review? y/n?) SOOOO CUTE! Check it out for yourself and have a great weekend! :)


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