Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents {Valentines} Weekend! :)

So being the awesome Young Life leaders we are one of the parents offered their mountain house {mansion} to us as a Christmas present! And what a present it was! Chris and I didn't get to be there until very late since his flight didn't come into Charlotte until 10 p.m. :( But we got there safe and sound and it was gorgeous! It sleeps 12-16 people! So you know it was big! We only invited one other couple so it was just Me, Chris, Noelle, Jeremy, Nyker and Emily.

We pretty much just relaxed, walked around Blowing Rock, ate and drank! Chris and I even ran into one of our high school friends at Kilwins! If you have never heard of Kilwins you had better look it up! It's wonderful! There was one in Wilmington and there is one in Charlotte but I almost never get to go since it is still kind of a hike.

We watched the sun set over the mountains and enjoyed shrimp tacos and s'mores and CARBOMBS! Carbombs have become a tradition with Noelle and Nyker and Chris. Over the summer while I was at camp Noelle Jeremy, Nyker Emily and Chris all hung out without me! I guess the show must go on! Anyhow, they had a night of carbombs and stayed up til probably 3. Anyhow, it was a great relaxing weekend and I'm so blessed that I got to spend the weekend with people I love! :)



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day...

Ahhh so I've been working on some Valentines for Mr. Christoph and of course since I was going to see him over the weekend I could continue to procrastinate...Oh man I DID do some of it but not all...He'll get them eventually! When I DO finish, and I will because I can't have a box full of crafts in the middle of my room, I will gladly show off my brillz craftsmanship! What I have done so far is pretty adorbs though!

It was a pretty quiet week for me, we had an okay turn out for Valentine's YL, and I finally picked up my books from the library. I guess that's why it was a quiet week, I have been obsessed with one of my books, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I haven't finished it yet but will soon since I can't keep my nose out of it! That's also why I haven't been posting, that and all this wedding planning!! Finally all the annoying little details are being ironed out. I wish all of my small talk didn't revolve around the wedding...I do more than wedding plan!!! And since that's ALL anyone wants to talk about it makes me crazy!! Like scream in the car crazy.
Right now all I want to focus on is some quiet time in the mountains with some friends and some drinks! :)
Cheers CHEERS! :)
Gahhhhhh long weekend with my mountain man CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{sorority} sister time!

So I've been a little delinquent with the posts...shocker...Busy/stressful/wanting to annihilate a co-worker times...But I did have a highlight I had an impromptu dinner with a bunch of my sorority sisters on Thursday. I haven't seen some of them in so long! It was so great to catch up and see what is going on in their lives.

Really I can't believe how lucky I got being accepted into Chi O. These are some of the most amazing women I have ever known/met/had the privilege to be around. It probably sounds totally trite but really, these women are amazing. I really only went through recruitment because one of my friends wanted me to go with her and I had like 2 girl friends in a sea of great guy friends, I needed some estrogen and I found it! I fell in love with Chi Omega. The moment I walked into that crazy sea of screaming girls and sat down with one of the cutest/sweetest/smartest/most genuine girls I have ever seen or met. I think joining Chi O is what really made my time in college great and full. I made me meet girls I never would have known or had the courage to talk to or would have thought I would even want to know. It brought out the leader in me and it was recognized by my sisters. It was such a great experience and I am a huge advocate for people joining a Greek organization.
Wow I didn't expect this blog to go in this direction...but that's really how I feel and I am so proud to call myself a Chi Omega!

Cheers cheers cheers!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last night was so fun! We didn't have huge turn out so we scrapped the songs...(: Played 'Minute to Win it' Games and did some butt spelling...Which was completely hilarious! Noelle gave the talk and she was soo good! Hearing her talk like that makes me wish we were closer when we were younger but I don't know if that would have ever happened since we have such an age difference. I'm so proud of her! We had fun and I found out that since I went to UNCW it says a lot about my character...that I'm a partier...hmm. I guess that's true-ish. I don't think of myself as a partier but I did in college but doesn't everyone? I still studied and made good grades and graduated ON TIME! I guess that's just a high schoolers perspective...

I had to hurry home since my mom was making a nice dinner for us and I wanted to return 'The Social Network' and finally get my *free* movie from Redbox. I decided on 'The Kids Are Alright' which I thought would be good since it has been up for a bunch of awards and stuff. Ummmm seriously TMI! And a lot of the dialogue was totally unrealistic. I don't know how parents are now a days but seriously, if I had kids talking to me or acting like the kids did sometimes there would be a lot more yelling/freaking out. There is a lot of nudity and sex which normally doesn't bother me but really how many times to we need to see Julianne Moore's pasty white freckled body?? Don't get me wrong, I think Julianne Moore is a gorgeous woman but really, her body is terrifying. Oh but Josh Hutcherson...hotty alert! Okay, so he's like 19 whatever...

Other than those issues it was a pretty good, thought provoking movie. I don't know if I would recommend it but I don't feel like I totally wasted 2 hours...Must get better at posting on time...



Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

There was lots of shopping to be had but little buying...Which is good considering I should be saving for my next life with my future husband. But bad considering I have been on a rampage of terror on my family for reasons beyond our (read: my) control. Saturday I woke up naturally at sun o'clock and realized at 1 that I had totally missed an important (to me) YL meeting about how to be a better/effective/more awesome leader. Sometimes I feel totally stupid with these kids or why would they listen to me?

After a long shower/getting ready extremely slowly session I went to South Park mall to see if Urban had anything I needed (read: wanted). I found some super cute dresses, but they were, of course, too expensive since I could probably just make one like they had. I swear I'm going to learning to sew!! But these are the cuties I considered...

Can you even see those??
Dress 1 had issues with the back having elastic in it bleh! The smallest was too big. I have issues with clothing sizes that I will rant about at a later date...
Dress 2 I came very close to buying with it's $60 price tag was just too much for not enough cuteness
Dress 3 was just not fitted enough with a wide open back {giddy with love for fun backs!}
Poor skirt just made my butt look bad which I think is a pretty hard feat! ;)
After my shopping disappointment I wanted to make Chris a Valentine. I don't like Valentine's day but since this is our last one apart I figured I would take the opportunity to send him a little something. I love making things by hand! So I have several ideas that I have been toying with but nothing has come to fruition yet.
Sunday was the usual Church/brunch. Then went looking for more supplies for Chris Valentine ended up buying even more tights (I have an obsession!!!) and no supplies. Dinner and Super Bowl/The Social Network, Glee!! I'm so HAPPY it's back! I still don't know if I like Modern Family or Glee better...
The Social Network was good, there was lots of fast talking/mumbling and really bad music. Honestly, the score was distracting. But I thought the movie was really good. It made me a little homesick for Duke...I went there I didn't GO there. It was good, I thought it made Mark Zuckerberg not look as bad as I would have thought but maybe I was too lost in the dialogue. Rent on redbox, let me know your thoughts!
YL tonight very excited. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Selfish Friday

So yesterday was pretty not good to begin with. I just kept getting things piled on me when I already had so much to do! Total cryundermydeskatwork day...I got a lot done but ughh just not good! This is how I felt. Okay not about Justin Bieber but you get the idea.

We had campaigners last night and we had 6 girls show up! I was so happy! Well, actually, that's a lie. I was still totally stressed out because we thought we were going to have wayyy more so I needed to buy more notebooks. (Blog on that one later...) And Noelle wanted me to buy ice and Dr. Pepper. I see this text mid-shop with no cart so I of course get the huge ice and DP and attempt to walk with my life in my hands as I'm already running 30 minutes late! I made it. Even though I had to drop the ice like 15 ft from the car to not cry in the parking lot as well.

I finally made it and thank goodness for those girls! I was laughing my booty off at their stories, seeing them totally boy crazy and just being hilarious in general. I was literally in tears over all of our awkwardness! Soo awesome! After they left Noelle and I looked at our old journals and...well. Yeah, it's pretty much super awkward to see your thoughts from high school and college. I kept a journal because I was like 'oh yeah I want my kids to see what I was like'...ummm NO! I never want anyone to see it! They are totally embarrassing! BUT it was very therapeutic to write all my thoughts out and it's nice to see and remember things I never would have remembered otherwise.

Today I needed a serious pick-me-up so I went 1/2 ballerina on the outfit, it's pretty awesome...
I'm obsessed with this store. I have this headband and one of these hearts and I already want more! (Another blog post to review? y/n?) SOOOO CUTE! Check it out for yourself and have a great weekend! :)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sooo 2005...

It's been a crazy week. Really. I'm exhausted. I realized I have been so busy that I didn't even start drinking my coffee today until 10! Last night I went out with one of my very best friends from high school that I had lost touch with for a while. Which is so unfortunate because she got me nannying for Adriana and Kareena. And I was and am so thankful for that! We caught up like crazy and talked about all the marriages/engagements/divorces/babies of our old high school friends. It's pretty wild! I still think it's weird to be engaged!
Anyway, awesome night of shared 1/2 price martinis, spanikopita, and flat bread from Cosmos in Ballentyne with Shemeh. We went out for breakfast the previous Saturday at Terrace Cafe which was awesome! Definitely going back! (That is what the picture is of Hannah, Shemeh, Noelle and me.)

Tonight we are having our first Girls Campaigners at Noelle's house. I hope it will be fun, I'm trying to prepare what I want to say. I always end up leaving something out! I'm so thankful for the awesome parents we have supporting us! We were getting desperate trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner since no parents had volunteered to do dinner and out of no where one of the moms volunteered! This mom is literally super mom! I hope she knows how much we appreciate all her help! Thank you notes abound! :)

I hope you have a better day than I am! :)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day Resolution:

Well I've been thinking about this for a while. And over the past few weeks/months I've been wanting to get back into the blogosphere. I decided New Years is just too trite and crazed. And that Groundhogs day is the perfect resolution time and not the usual NYR. The gyms are always packed, it's freezing! And you feel like poo because you have no next holiday to look forward to. (At least I don't since we don't get MLK off) So this is PERFECT considering an hour ago Punxsutawney Phil saw no shadow = (cloudy day) Spring!
You know, I have no idea what my goal here is. There are things I want to document and remember in my life but I really don't know what the point of my blog is. Hopefully that is something that will come out eventually! I know I want to expose people to Charlotte, NC and Baltimore, MD as I start to explore it myself. I want to learn more things about art, design, style, fashion, and marketing. I want to be interesting! With that said I also want to keep things short where I can because, who wants to read this anyway? Looking forward to drinks tonight already! :)

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