Monday, September 13, 2010


Today I realized that I barely ate anything. Mostly because I was so dang busy allllll day! I wasn't feeling it until I was getting ready to order my dinner...

We were supposed to meet at Noelle and Jeremy's house for dinner and to plan out some Young Life events, clubs, campaigners, all that good stuff. We were supposed to meet at 6:30 but I totally didn't get to even leave the office until 6:30!!! I let NJ know I was running wayyy late and went straight to their house, no stopping to change, nothing! I got there and no one was there! Well only NJ. And it was totes like 7:15!! So we were all starving and didn't feel like making anything so we planned to go to Blu Basil in Cotswold right as Suzanne pulled up. Camille texted me she would be late so I told her to meet us there.

We planned ,we ate, it was great! I got a hawaiian pizza because that is one of my favs! (My absolute favorite in America is the Chicken Parmesan from Incredible Pizza, but they don't have that in Charlotte.) Planning was soo great!! I'm so excited and we had almost evey club planned out so we'll meet hopefully just one more time and have it alllll done!! I'm so excited for this year! It's going to be soo much fun and go to games and just hang out with these great kids!! YAY!!! :) :) :)


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