Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sippin' 'n' Strollin'

Friday was a pretty crazy. I had to drive myself to work which isn't normally a problem but I came downstairs ready to go and there is no coffee in the maker...uhh...hi? I put it on the timer which I have done like a million times so I know I didn't do it wrong. Oh wait. Dad drank it and didn't refill it or warn me about the coffee drought. I was already a bit behind my schedule so rather than making and waiting for a pot to brew I figured I would treat myself to a Starbucks! BUT the line was longer than I have ever seen. sweetness. I was really glad I had kind of planned ahead for the day. It was pretty much a normal crazy day at work.
AFTER work a.k.a. fun times Noelle and I planned on going to the first Annual Sip 'n Stroll at the Epicentre. It was really fun! I went and picked Noelle up from her house and we were off! We got our tickets and checked out some of the art. It was all kind of okay with only a few standouts. Noelle saw a girl she recognized from facebook that was friends with one her old high school friends. She had a jewelry stand and she had some really great stuff! A lot of variety and different kinds of jewelry. There was another lady that had some great Charlotte landscapes and different areas of Charlotte. They were really great and she was really sweet. She paints at the Black Lion so if you ever see her take note!

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