Thursday, September 16, 2010

i die.

So today is already awful. :( But I am somehow functioning still...

So I wake up at a sweet 7:00 a.m. which sounds normal to most people but that is totes like 30 minutes late for me!!/the time I leave to go to work!!! Thank goodness I had already thought of what I was going to wear today because I might have literally fallen apart! Brush teeth while pulling clothes off hanger/while trying to dry hair oh my goodness this girl got out of the house at a sweet 7:18 but still!

So I'm finally at work doing my thang, helping people out blah blah blah and someone comes up to me for help as I take my first glorious sip of homemade coffee and BAM!! Coffee on white skirt life is over. Do I keep a Tide Pen at my desk you may ask. Of course not because I wear white on a regular almost daily basis and know how to aim for my own dang mouth and that's what's up. So I run to clean it up a bit and NO ONE has a tide pen. No. One. Thankfully there is a little store in our building for such emergencies and I purchase this crazy Tide Pen. Success, Tide Pen in motion doing it job, hopefully and sash on skirt moved to cover Marisa's failure at life. This is my life.

On a happy note, Noelle is coming back from the black hole that is Johnson City and she picking me up (early!) from work and we're going to a Providence Day Soccer game then a football game! I'm so excited I'm ready to go right now!! YAY!

Cheers! (as I take a beer from under my desk because it's just that kind of day)

P.S. TOTALLY kidding up there ^

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