Wednesday, September 15, 2010

exploding feet

So Mom and Dad are going to LA for a big Principals meeting and then they are going to Hawaii to celebrate their 35th wedding Anniversary! And to check out all the stuff for my wedding!! Woohoo!! So when they go on these trips Mom always wants to buy some new fun things to wear and whatnot. So mo picked me up from work to go shopping and to pick up somethings that I needed for the office.

They have 2 cocktail events and I have no idea how older people in LA dress for a cocktail event in October...but I know Mom's body type and am super honest and won't let her go wear something that sucks. So I am a prime candidate to take shopping! :) First stop Nordstrom, which I pretty much love! We found a few things, a dress I really liked but needed some alterations for her petite size. I loved it, she wasn't feeling it too much. Since we're also on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses she seems to think that everything looks like a bridesmaid's dress. Which is annoying because no, that's not right.

So we didn't find any gems at Nordy's so we went to BCBG, nada. Ann Taylor, nope. Ann Taylor Loft, she switched some cardigans she bought for petite this time I'm frikin exhausted and my feet are killing me, so much so that I had a 'sleep' spot in my back. Which basically means I need to take off my shoes! I adamantly refuse to walk around the mall with no shoes on so my feet are pretty much exploding out of my shoes. ON FIRE!!! We finally leave with little success. We decide she will wear a dress she wore for another function that I love and another she still hasn't worn to anything yet but is so super cute on her and flattering that I am pleased even though my feet may fall off the end of my leg. That is my tale. Goodnights for now!


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