Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baltimore comes to Charlotte

So one of Chris' good friends was working in Fort Mill, SC this week. Which, when I found out he was in Fort Mill and not Charlotte, I had to apologise because I know Charlotte is really close to SC but really they are sooooo very very different. (segway) I used to work near SC and most of the people that worked for that company were from SC and literally, I could not understand what they were saying. Really. It was like they were speaking a different language. (okay back to reality) So Ira wanted to hang out not in South Carolina so he drove up to South Charlotte to pick me up and we went to the Penguin!! YAY!

He told me on the drive there that he had some cop drama and I'm like whaattt?? A cop followed him out of his hotel and pulled him over just to search his car! Randoommmm. I mean Ira is a character but harmless. And since this night we got to hang out, we're pretty much besties. We bonded over crazy stories, and how annoyingly perfect Chris is. After a pitcher of Shock Top, fried pickles and my small block burger we were ready to head to over to Thomas Street Tavern. I had to treat him to some Fat Tire because they don't have that in Baltimore :( and I called my friends Jersey and Derek who I knew would love Ira. They are all tattooed sweethearts. They all hold special places in my heart. We were a total sight I'm sure.

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