Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sippin' 'n' Strollin'

Friday was a pretty crazy. I had to drive myself to work which isn't normally a problem but I came downstairs ready to go and there is no coffee in the maker...uhh...hi? I put it on the timer which I have done like a million times so I know I didn't do it wrong. Oh wait. Dad drank it and didn't refill it or warn me about the coffee drought. I was already a bit behind my schedule so rather than making and waiting for a pot to brew I figured I would treat myself to a Starbucks! BUT the line was longer than I have ever seen. sweetness. I was really glad I had kind of planned ahead for the day. It was pretty much a normal crazy day at work.
AFTER work a.k.a. fun times Noelle and I planned on going to the first Annual Sip 'n Stroll at the Epicentre. It was really fun! I went and picked Noelle up from her house and we were off! We got our tickets and checked out some of the art. It was all kind of okay with only a few standouts. Noelle saw a girl she recognized from facebook that was friends with one her old high school friends. She had a jewelry stand and she had some really great stuff! A lot of variety and different kinds of jewelry. There was another lady that had some great Charlotte landscapes and different areas of Charlotte. They were really great and she was really sweet. She paints at the Black Lion so if you ever see her take note!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baltimore comes to Charlotte

So one of Chris' good friends was working in Fort Mill, SC this week. Which, when I found out he was in Fort Mill and not Charlotte, I had to apologise because I know Charlotte is really close to SC but really they are sooooo very very different. (segway) I used to work near SC and most of the people that worked for that company were from SC and literally, I could not understand what they were saying. Really. It was like they were speaking a different language. (okay back to reality) So Ira wanted to hang out not in South Carolina so he drove up to South Charlotte to pick me up and we went to the Penguin!! YAY!

He told me on the drive there that he had some cop drama and I'm like whaattt?? A cop followed him out of his hotel and pulled him over just to search his car! Randoommmm. I mean Ira is a character but harmless. And since this night we got to hang out, we're pretty much besties. We bonded over crazy stories, and how annoyingly perfect Chris is. After a pitcher of Shock Top, fried pickles and my small block burger we were ready to head to over to Thomas Street Tavern. I had to treat him to some Fat Tire because they don't have that in Baltimore :( and I called my friends Jersey and Derek who I knew would love Ira. They are all tattooed sweethearts. They all hold special places in my heart. We were a total sight I'm sure.

i die.

So today is already awful. :( But I am somehow functioning still...

So I wake up at a sweet 7:00 a.m. which sounds normal to most people but that is totes like 30 minutes late for me!!/the time I leave to go to work!!! Thank goodness I had already thought of what I was going to wear today because I might have literally fallen apart! Brush teeth while pulling clothes off hanger/while trying to dry hair oh my goodness this girl got out of the house at a sweet 7:18 but still!

So I'm finally at work doing my thang, helping people out blah blah blah and someone comes up to me for help as I take my first glorious sip of homemade coffee and BAM!! Coffee on white skirt life is over. Do I keep a Tide Pen at my desk you may ask. Of course not because I wear white on a regular almost daily basis and know how to aim for my own dang mouth and that's what's up. So I run to clean it up a bit and NO ONE has a tide pen. No. One. Thankfully there is a little store in our building for such emergencies and I purchase this crazy Tide Pen. Success, Tide Pen in motion doing it job, hopefully and sash on skirt moved to cover Marisa's failure at life. This is my life.

On a happy note, Noelle is coming back from the black hole that is Johnson City and she picking me up (early!) from work and we're going to a Providence Day Soccer game then a football game! I'm so excited I'm ready to go right now!! YAY!

Cheers! (as I take a beer from under my desk because it's just that kind of day)

P.S. TOTALLY kidding up there ^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

exploding feet

So Mom and Dad are going to LA for a big Principals meeting and then they are going to Hawaii to celebrate their 35th wedding Anniversary! And to check out all the stuff for my wedding!! Woohoo!! So when they go on these trips Mom always wants to buy some new fun things to wear and whatnot. So mo picked me up from work to go shopping and to pick up somethings that I needed for the office.

They have 2 cocktail events and I have no idea how older people in LA dress for a cocktail event in October...but I know Mom's body type and am super honest and won't let her go wear something that sucks. So I am a prime candidate to take shopping! :) First stop Nordstrom, which I pretty much love! We found a few things, a dress I really liked but needed some alterations for her petite size. I loved it, she wasn't feeling it too much. Since we're also on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses she seems to think that everything looks like a bridesmaid's dress. Which is annoying because no, that's not right.

So we didn't find any gems at Nordy's so we went to BCBG, nada. Ann Taylor, nope. Ann Taylor Loft, she switched some cardigans she bought for petite this time I'm frikin exhausted and my feet are killing me, so much so that I had a 'sleep' spot in my back. Which basically means I need to take off my shoes! I adamantly refuse to walk around the mall with no shoes on so my feet are pretty much exploding out of my shoes. ON FIRE!!! We finally leave with little success. We decide she will wear a dress she wore for another function that I love and another she still hasn't worn to anything yet but is so super cute on her and flattering that I am pleased even though my feet may fall off the end of my leg. That is my tale. Goodnights for now!


Monday, September 13, 2010


Today I realized that I barely ate anything. Mostly because I was so dang busy allllll day! I wasn't feeling it until I was getting ready to order my dinner...

We were supposed to meet at Noelle and Jeremy's house for dinner and to plan out some Young Life events, clubs, campaigners, all that good stuff. We were supposed to meet at 6:30 but I totally didn't get to even leave the office until 6:30!!! I let NJ know I was running wayyy late and went straight to their house, no stopping to change, nothing! I got there and no one was there! Well only NJ. And it was totes like 7:15!! So we were all starving and didn't feel like making anything so we planned to go to Blu Basil in Cotswold right as Suzanne pulled up. Camille texted me she would be late so I told her to meet us there.

We planned ,we ate, it was great! I got a hawaiian pizza because that is one of my favs! (My absolute favorite in America is the Chicken Parmesan from Incredible Pizza, but they don't have that in Charlotte.) Planning was soo great!! I'm so excited and we had almost evey club planned out so we'll meet hopefully just one more time and have it alllll done!! I'm so excited for this year! It's going to be soo much fun and go to games and just hang out with these great kids!! YAY!!! :) :) :)

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