Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Unfortunately it wasn't my wedding weekend :( But it was fun nonetheless! The girl whose job I'm taking over got married this weekend and it was so wonderful! Chandra is just the sweetest girl! I've known her for about 4 years, since she started at Gensler. I was really excited I got to go. I took my Mom's spot as Dad's date since my Mom was away on an Artists trip in Penland, NC?? Chandra's wedding was in Lake Lure, NC. Where parts of Dirty Dancing were filmed. There was a bonfire and drinks and s'mores on Friday night and we got to see some more people from work and their spouses. Dad and I got in late because the traffic in Charlotte was so bad! So we had to check into our hotel after the party...

This hotel was awful!! It smelled so bad!! Like a sweaty person and their dirty, poopy dog just rubbed themselves all over the place! And it was pretty ghetto too! But we survived and managed to not spend much time there! The wedding wasn't until 5 on Saturday so Dad and I went into Asheville. It was so cute! We got some tea and coffee and walked around to get the lay of the land then decided we wanted to be closer to the Grove Arcade, which is a beautiful little indoor shopping center. We went in some art galleries and saw some really great pieces. I bought a necklace from one of the vendors and we ate lunch at Carmel. We left around 2:30 so we could get back in time to change and stuff before the wedding.

We got ready, I painted my nails (Strawberry Margarita! OPI) and changed. I wore Noelle's dress, a Suzie Chin that I picked out for myself but it is actually too big for both of us. Unfortunately, the smallest size Shuzie Chin sells her dresses in is a size 2. It also runs a little big because Noelle and I both wear between a 2 and a 0 and this is a pretty big 2. I have a rant about this!!


I wore that dress and some patent leather peep-toe heels. :) It was so hot that day! We got there about 45 minutes early because 1.) Our room stank 2.) You always want to be early to a wedding and 3.) Pregame...duh! lol! :) We met James and Ilesha at the bar, Dad and I work with James and Ilesha used to work with us and she was Jack the Dogs Escort! :) We had a drink and then made our way to the wedding location. They had to move it inside because it looked like rain :(. I got a good seat by the aisle and it was so beautiful! The bridesmaids wore bright pink dresses and Jack (Jon and Chandra's dog) was the ring bearer! They also had a traditional (?)Florida Gator girl along with their flower girl! :) It was so sweet, and of course, Dad and I cried! They had half of us sitting outside and half inside, we were outside and we somehow survived! The people who sat next to me and Dad totally thought we were husband and wife and I'm like dude, nah...that's my DAD!!!

After dinner they had the toasts and the best man had a brilliant toast! And so sweet and loving! Then they cut the cake and THEN there was DANCING!!! Dad and I danced the ENTIRE TIME!! No stopping, no resting, just full out hard core dancing! :) :) :) So much fun! We did leave before everyone jumped in the pool!

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  1. In love with that dress. You and your Dad are too cute together.


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