Friday, August 20, 2010

To Be An Asshole

Okay so here is a quick run through of the drama...On Wednesday we were locked out of the office for 2 hours!! There had been an electrical explosion the night before and the elevators didn't work and the doors were locked so we couldn't even walk up the 23 flights of stairs even if we wanted to! That was pretty much the only drama that day, thank goodness! :)
Yesterday I realized how much I had let my work out go to the's gross and sad and I'm going to buy new running shoes this weekend so I have no excuses!! In light of that I decided to completely and utterly gorge myself on delicious foods! White Mocha, blueberry scone, lunch, cookie, key lime pie THEN!!!! Shared 3, count 'em 3!!! Pitchers of Shock Top with Noelle and Aubrey, two glorious, wonderful ladies that I adore. Along with fried pickles, sweet potato fries and 1/2 a black bean burger. I feel full just writing it!

Noelle and I haven't gotten a lot of sister time lately so we thought the Penguin would be a good idea, especially since it was raining! We decided that I need bangs, I need to focus my blog more, I need to make more lists, and I need to stop listening to other people...wait a second!! I think I'll share more fashion-y fun things that make me happy as well as my days because I think I'm interesting so that's really all that
matters right? RIGHT?!
Oh yes, this morning I was paying for all the chaos that was last night...

That's right, that's Ginger Ale in a Starbucks cup...
I'm hoping for a fun, eventful weekend, mostly because I have all of no plans...We'll see!! Love you my two beautiful, faithful (maybe) readers!!!

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